Long Distance Moving New York

Long Distance Moving New York
Long-distance moving New York is inherently more stressful than local moving. Your family or your business may be moving to a place with significant differences in culture, society, and environment, even if that locale is a nearby state.

In addition, your own state has jurisdiction over local moves within your state. When you move from one state to another (interstate), the federal government has jurisdiction, and different rules apply.

In particular, local moves are priced by the man-hours involved; long-distance moves, on the other hand, are priced by the total weight of the belongings you are moving.

And last but not least, long-distance moves take more time and require more coordination between geographically distant team members. Even differing time zones can complicate logistics.

For all this, there is one very good reason to rely on Tik Tok Moving & Storage for your long-distance moves as well as your local moves.

“If you can take it here, you can take it anywhere.”

Our backyard is long distance moving in New York City. A world capital and one of the most demanding marketplaces you can name, where individuals, families, and businesses of international renown refuse to accept excuses for inadequate performance.

The fact that Tik Tok was awarded an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau of NYC (the highest rating awarded a company founded in 2006) – with not a single complaint filed against us – is a singular achievement and one of which we are especially proud.

So whether you’re a residential or commercial customer moving within the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tristate area, or to or from another state on the East Coast – or even a state as distant as Alaska or Hawaii – you can be sure that Tik Tok will be there for you every mile of the way.

And as with any local move we make, Tik Tok has the resources and flexibility to give you as much or as little service as you require, from full packing, unpacking, and short- or long-term storage to self-packing and no storage.

Whatever you need, Tik Tok guarantees you competitive, comprehensive pricing, on-time pickup and delivery, and 24-hour satellite tracking of your belongings to assure your total peace of mind. Tik Tok makes every move run like clockwork. And that’s the long and short of it.

“ We Offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee On Your Moving Services “
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