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Moving to a new home is one of the most significant rites of passage in the life of any individual or family. The day of the move itself turns the page from your past to your future.

And the precious belongings you bring with you represent not just monetary value but a wealth of memories you have collected for years, if not decades. Items of personal meaning that simply cannot be replaced.

That is why you need a company that makes every move run like clockwork – Tik Tok Moving & Storage. Because we are experts apartment and residential moving service in New York, effortlessly accommodating the needs of every customer and mastering every moving challenge, whether your move is local or long-distance:

Apartment Moving – moving into a new apartment building or complex involves a special set of skills, especially in New York City, from coordinating with the building management… to negotiating stairs and elevators… to minimizing disturbance to neighbors… to securing parking space for our vans on busy city streets.

Fortunately Tik Tok has the personnel and the skills to finesse any apartment and residential moving service in New York, no matter how tight the spaces involved or how restricted the hours of access to an elevator. You can depend on us to arrive and finish the job on time, taking extra care of your valuable belongings -- and your relations with your new neighbors.

And if you are moving to a smaller space, we also offer secure and affordable temporary or long-term storage solutions to suit your specific needs.

House Moving – whether your new castle is a single-level ranch house or a multi-level colonial mansion, we will make sure that every one of your belongings is lovingly delivered to the room you have specified.

We also offer a full complement of optional services to make your move even easier, from appliance, computer, and audio/video installation… to furniture disassembly and reassembly… to carpentry and cabinetry… to clean up and disposal services, either at your new home or your old.

It is our goal at Tik Tok to make your moving day a moving experience you will remember with the utmost satisfaction.

Estate Moving –if your new home is a lordly manor on a hill, Tik Tok has the resources and the discretion to help you settle in to your new residence as if you had lived there for years.

No matter how delicate or valuable your assets – whether those include irreplaceable artworks, antiques, chandeliers, fine crystal and silverware, coin, stamp, or vintage wine collections, or priceless jewelry and wardrobes – we will make sure it all arrives spotless and intact.

We can also install outdoor fixtures like statuary and fountains and coordinate with your security personnel to ensure that all your prized possessions are present and accounted for.

In-House Moving – considering rearranging furniture, electronics, or lighting in your current home? Don’t strain your back – or your relationship with friends or other family members! Call Tik Tok instead, and we’ll be happy to do the heavy lifting for you. Don’t like the way that couch looks over there? No problem, we’ll move it over here – or back again!

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