4 things people forget to measure before moving house

The moving day is getting closer and thus you may be getting nervous as a lot of work needs to be done. If that’s your first relocation ever, you probably don’t know where to start. Since the moving process is very complex and involves many different activities, you can easily forget to do important things. When you move, expect a lot of work such as moving and lifting things, packing and unpacking, loading and reloading the truck. These activities take a lot of time and you can do them improperly, especially if that’s your first move ever. Furthermore, while doing mentioned activities, you can unintentionally damage your belongings. In this situation, you really need someone to pack you fast and safely. With the best packing services in NYC, you can enjoy a smooth and safe move to your new home. Keep in mind that there are also some less important activities you need to do. There are things you need to measure before moving house.

a ruler
Measuring things you’re moving will make your move much easier.

Not doing the measuring part could lead to problems on your moving day. Just imagine how frustrating it can be when you start loading the moving truck, and you realize many of your belongings can’t go through the doorframes. Read this article and be prepared to prevent all the inconveniences that could happen. We are bringing you the list of things you have to remember to measure before moving house.

Bulky items

The first bulky thing you need to measure is your furniture. Not only is furniture robust and bulky, but heavy ass well. When lifting furniture, you can get stuck in the doorframe with many pounds in your hands. That’s surely something you don’t want to happen. You should measure furniture and write down all the measures. After that, you can compare those measures with doorframe measures. By doing so, you can avoid being stuck in the doorframe.

On the other hand, you need to do the measuring to know if your furniture fits in your new home. It’s important to measure your furniture properly. Don’t measure your furniture on a moving day! You should do it at least several days before moving day. Otherwise, you won’t know in advance what goes in and what unfortunately stays out of your new home. That could complicate things. So, do it on time and avoid stressful situations. When you know what can’t go with you you can rent a storage unit to get rid of unnecessary times. For the best storage service, Tik Tok Moving and Storage and look no further. Contact us and don’t worry about the protection of your belongings. We care about them like they are our own.

a furniture in the room
Don’t forget to measure furniture so be sure it could pass through doorframes.

Now you may be wondering how to properly measure our bulky items. In the case of sofas, measure

  • length
  • diagonal depth

In the case of bookshelves and wardrobes, measure

  • length,
  • depth,
  • diagonal height at the widest points

By doing so you will be able to know two important things. The first is whether your furniture can go straight through doors or you have to tilt them through turns. The second thing is that you will be able to plan your furniture placement in your new home.

Your New Home

Rooms in your new home are also something you mustn’t forget to measure before moving house. First of all, make an appointment to visit your new home. Once you’re there take a quick tour and measure your bedrooms, closets, kitchen, living room, and office. Take a pencil and a paper sheet and don’t forget to write down all the measures.

You should measure every room so that you can know if the current furniture setup can fit in a new home. If you need to relocate your expensive belongings such as the piano, you have to know in advance if it can fit in your new apartment. So measuring is a must! If you are not motivated to do all these measurements, let piano movers Queens NY do the job for you.

Home setup

When you thoroughly measure a new flat or house, you can mastermind a new house setup. It will be much easier to make a furniture arrangement room by room. When you have a detailed plan about furniture arrangement, your unpacking process will be easy. You will have already known where to place items and it will prevent making a mess. Furthermore, with all the info about measures, it’s easier to set up items so they don’t block natural light coming from windows. Also, when you measure your new home in advance, you will have enough time to make the most functional home setup. Measure your closet to know if you can place a dresser or some kind of storage system.

Spaces where items need to go through

These spaces include doorways, stairwells, hallways, and other common areas, and don’t forget to measure before moving house. If you’re living in a flat with stairways, don’t forget to measure them. Measure the width and the ceiling height from the first step to be sure your belongings can go through. Remember to consider only the smallest width and height measurements. Otherwise, your items may get stuck.

a stairway in a building
Doorframes and stairways are the most critical points where your items can get stuck.

If your stairways are too narrow, you may need to use widows to move your items out of the home. Measure the window’s height and width and compare them to the dimensions of your items. You should also measure the height from the ground to the window on the outside. By doing so, you’ll know if moving through the window is feasible at all. If you’re moving to a building with an elevator, measure it, too. Using an elevator will save you much time and save your back from possible injuries related to heavy lifting. If you want to avoid heavy lifting and measuring, feel free to hire some of Queens Movers. Our great experience is what makes our relocations smooth and fast. You won’t need to worry about measurements, you can just sit back and relax while we do everything for you.

Your transport truck

When it comes to loading the truck, you really want to avoid returning several times to load items that couldn’t fit the truck. Since you may not be able to measure a truck directly, you need to call the company and gather info about truck sizes. With a good and reliable moving company, its professional crew does the assessment instead of you. You don’t need to worry if all your belongings can fit into the truck. They surely will.

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