4 ways to make spring cleaning a family event

Spring cleaning is almost here and let’s face it, it’s pretty much nobody’s favorite activity. That is completely normal, especially if you have kids. They just don’t want to spend the first sunny days after the winter cleaning the house. Everyone would prefer doing pretty much anything else over spending a day at home. But, if you want to know how to make spring cleaning a family event, you will be glad to know that you can find the best four right here. You will be glad to know that you can get your kids to help you out without having to make them do it since nobody likes being the bad guy. So, make sure that whatever you do, this ends up being a fun event for everyone.

What are the 4 ways to make spring cleaning a family event?

Spring cleaning events are not fun for everyone. Kids are especially rarely in the mood for cleaning. It doesn’t even matter if we are talking about cleaning thair bedroom, closet or an entire house. That is just why you need to make it fun and exciting. Even if you make your kids be helpful and have fun at the same time, your spouse might be not as excited about this as you are. So, once you decide that it’s time to start cleaning, make sure you have a plan on how to make everyone a part of it. making plans that will help you get everyone involved is much easier than you might think. You just need to give it a chance. Four amazing ways to make spring cleaning a family event are:

  • Make a competition out of it and give out rewards
  • Music helps so make a cleaning playlist
  • Make your kids feel like they are doing a good deed
  • Do something really fun once you are done cleaning, so you can motivate everyone
Heart on the hands
Let your kids donate items they don’t use or need anymore

Once you made sure you are prepared, call everyone and have a meeting. Present your ideas. Once your family sees how much work you’ve put into it, they will give it a shot. That is the start and you will surely make it fun for everyone in no time. If you are having a residential relocation in the near future and that is the reason that you are cleaning, make sure to declutter. Also, get the best residential movers NYC has to offer. This way you will have to move less stuff and it will cost you less.

Make a competition

If you have kids, this is going to be one of the best ways to make them help you out. You should make tasks according to the age and abilities of your kids and make sure that you keep the score in some way. You can make tasks like- cleaning the closets, taking the trash out, dusting and similar. Never give them difficult or too heavy tasks since it might be demoralizing for them. Not to mention, things like piano moving and any other heavy lifting should not be done by you, let alone children. Always leave this to professionals. Once the cleaning is done, everyone should be rewarded. The winner (you should make sure it’s one of the kids) can have a reward of its own. They will be helpful and happy at the same time.

Cleaning playlists

It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning with kids, or with your partner, a cleaning playlist is a really great idea. You will have a great time cleaning while you are listening to your favorite songs. Playing your favorite songs will make you feel happy and feeling happy will make you more efficient. Always make sure that everyone has their favorite songs on the playlist, so everyone has fun. There are many apps you can use to make sure you have a great sound and you can play songs in the order you choose. This is one of the 4 ways to make spring cleaning a family event.

ways to make spring cleaning a family event- a speaker
music will get you moving and cleaning in no time

Help your kids do good deeds

If you want to make the spring cleaning a family event and make it fun as well, you should make sure you offer your kids a chance to do good deeds by letting them choose the clothes and toys that they don’t need or like anymore and donate them. If you have items that you and your kids don’t really need, but you cant donate them or throw them out, get a storage service.  This way, you can keep everything until you can decide what to do with it.

Make a deal

You should make a deal with your family members. Once all the work is done, you should all go out and do something fun. This is one of the best 4 ways to make spring cleaning a family event. So, make it fun for everyone. Choose the right type of fun is easy if you have kids. You should go to a theme park or somewhere to eat. If you are moving after this spring cleaning event, make sure you get the best movers Fort Lee NJ has to offer. It’s the best way to be sure that you will have a great move as well, not just the spring cleaning event. Everyone will be really motivated.

ways to make spring cleaning a family event- a theme park
Reward your kids for helping you by taking them to a theme park

Spring cleaning can be a great family event if you give your best shot at making it fun for everyone. You can be sure that all of your kids and your spouse will be happy to help if you make it at least a little bit fun. Well, at least compared to being totally unwilling to give you a helping hand if you are forcing them to do it. Not just that they won’t be happy about it, they will be less efficient and focused and the spring cleaning will take longer as well. All of this can easily be prevented by some fun for the whole family. So make the best use of these 4 ways to make spring cleaning a family event.

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