5 clever bedroom storage hacks for small apartments

Having some storage hacks for small apartments is really a good idea. You might always need some extra storage space lying around in your place of residence. For smaller apartments, this is slightly harder to accomplish. Namely, if you do not have enough space to play around with, the harder it will become. Thus, it might be easiest if you had a house, but since you have an apartment, there is no other way but to show you some of our best tips and tricks! Do not worry, our moving company knows a lot about this in general and we will be more than happy to help you out. However, our tips and tricks can be adjusted to suit your needs slightly better, so do not be afraid to improvise. This being said, let us begin our guide, shall we?

Storage hacks for small apartments – two of the best ones

There are some really good storage hacks when small apartments are concerned. However, you should not mistake this for storage organization tips and tricks – this is slightly different. Actually, here is what you should do for your apartment:

  • Make sure to find space even if you do not have it. This is one of the best tips and tricks for making your smaller apartment look more spacious. So, a good idea, as always, would be to add some additional shelves into your apartment. They will take up your wall space, but they will provide some really cool options for storing the items you do not need or decorations. Let’s face it – you would have not used your wall for anything else, right? Then, make sure to add some shelves and fill them up with your items. Believe us, this is something all good Queens movers will recommend!
  • Reorganize your room. Even if you are living in a really tiny apartment, you can reorganize your room to make it look bigger. Simply fill in all of the corners, use the furniture to make adjustments to the overall look of your room, and there you have it. You are not moving to a bigger home in West Point, but you are making your apartment seem bigger, right? So, you should maximize the potential when this is concerned. As always, a good idea would be to play to your strengths. So, make sure that you are certain something will work out before you make it happen.
A retro-style room
Make sure to make the most out of your apartment

Other three key hacks

There are some other hacks when this one is concerned. So, before you contact your Jersey City movers to help you out, make sure to do one of the following or more:

  • Declutter everything. The majority of your space is taken by the cluttered items you probably have in your apartment. There are some items you do not use, nor will you ever use in your life. Those items are common for most households. Thus, if you are going for more space, you should make sure that you get rid of them. Also, you should not bring them along with you on your move so think about this before finding good moving deals.
  • Boxes can be furniture. You can actually use your boxes for storage purposes. For example, you can store your shoes inside a shoebox, or you can even use a box for your books and comic books, for example. Make sure to utilize all the items you have which can fit something inside as furniture. That way, you will have significantly more space! You can even use your moving boxes for this purpose.
  • Use the walls. Your walls will be your best friends in a small apartment. This being said, you should place all the items you can place safely on your walls. Thus, you can have significantly more apartment space. This is really important for most apartments, no matter if you are in NYC or Los Angeles. Make sure to use this well!

Storage hacks for small apartments – what you need to think about?

The main goal is to make more space in your apartment by making storage space for all of your belongings. Most people solve this by stacking up items on top of one another. However, this does not work for most items. Sure, it might work for newspapers, books, and so on, but it will not work for beds, tables, chairs, et cetera. So, since the goal is to have as much space in your apartment, you might want to get some really small furniture as well. You do not have to acquire a queen-size bed in your apartment if you are living alone and in a crumpled space.

Kitchen shelves
Having some extra shelves is a really good idea

Thinking about using all of your items as storage units is really good and also important. So, we have mentioned that you should get small furniture. However, make sure that your furniture has shelves, drawers, and so on. Everything you can use to place some items inside is good. It might cost you a bit extra, but, you will pay less rent for your smaller apartment and it will actually turn into a profit one day.

Is this all there is to it?

Overall, there is little more you can do to make additional storage space inside your small apartment, but who says you cannot do it outside? If you have a balcony or a terrace, you should utilize that space as well. Most people will use it to dry their clothes, but you can also use it as an additional storage space. Simply place your temporary items there, or the items you plan on replacing soon. So, that way, they will not take up space in your apartment. Every square inch counts when this is concerned so make the most out of it.

A cluttered room
Make sure to make the most out of the space you have

Storage hacks for small apartments – final thoughts

When some of the best storage hacks for small apartments are concerned, small furniture and shelves are your best friends. That way, you can fit more items inside your apartment. In any case, you can feel free to adjust this guide to your needs. Good luck!

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