5 things to know about living in Newburgh

If you need an escape from the crowds in Big Apple or just want to start fresh, you should consider Newburgh. Although this city is 60 miles away from New York City, your can conduct your relocation on short notice. But before you start planning your move, you will want to find out everything about this city. Unluckily, many things about a certain place you will realize after you start living there. But before the move, you should know basic information about the city you plan to call home. Luckily, our New York movers will share with you the impressions of people who are living in Newburgh. This will help you imagine your life in this unique place. With our help, you will know what to expect after moving to Newburgh. So, let’s start discovering facts about this town you are interested in.

An easy commute to NYC is an advantage of living in Newburgh

In case you are still working in a famous Big Apple and need to cut costs, moving to Newburgh will be the perfect option for you. Not only this city has all amenities you need for a quality life but also is easy to commute to New York City. When living in Newburgh or its surroundings you can choose between Metro North and a ferry boat ride from the Newburgh Waterfront. Excellent transportation options are the reason why many people hire movers Newburgh NY and move their homes. You can expect lower housing costs and still stay close to your job in NYC.

A person thinking about living in Newburgh while looking at commuters at Grand Central Station
Living in Newburgh means you will have easy access to NYC.

The city has excellent schools

Top-rated education institutions attract many students to opt for Newburgh. In case you did not know, students here can live in four different districts: Wallkill School District, Valley Central, Newburgh Schools, or the Marlboro School District. If you are planning to rent storage Queens and conduct your move after you place your belongings, you can rest assured your children will have an excellent education in Newburgh. Many parents will recommend you move to this town for the quality future of your family.

Living in Newburgh means being in a small city with a rich culture

Although the upcoming relocation with the help of local movers NYC means you will leave the Big Apple, you will still love cultural events in Newburgh. There are many cultural events in this city all year round. This city is home to many talented people.

A photo of Newburgh landscape
This is a small and unique place for everyone.

Many things to see and do in Newburgh whether you are single or with family

There is always something to do when living in Newburgh. Visit the city’s library and spend your weekend there, choose to attend festivals in the area. Take your kids and go to the parks or near the waterfront. After-school programs in this place include sports, yoga, dance, debate, music, theater. If your kids are interested in karate, gymnastics, or music, opt for private classes in Newburgh.

Living in Newburgh is an excellent choice for you

Although this is a small city with a population of  28, 255 residents, it has all you need. The city has many restaurants, shops, excellent housing options, and more. Living in Newburgh means you are a part of New York, stay close to NYC but without being a part of crowded NYC. Hope you will like this place whether moving with family or as a single student or professional!


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