Benefits of living in NJ while working in NYC

If you started reading this article, then you know that life in a smaller environment, town, or even in the countryside, offers certain advantages… An advantage that is lacking in large and busy urban centers. So there are certainly many benefits of living in NJ while working in NYC.

Firstly, there is nothing that can disturb the comfort of living in a smaller environment. Most things happen as scheduled routines, which is an ideal scenario for those who do not like big stress and change in their lives. On the other hand, you get to go to the city every day, so you get the taste of everything you need if you feel like you’re missing out on something. Still, you may be wondering how to cope with this everyday ride from one place to another… So read on about all the benefits that you can have.

Changing your thinking and perceptions

If you are just thinking about living in New Jersey, know that moving will surely change the way you think. In smaller environments, networking or gatherings do not require a formal, pre-arranged event. Connections with people can happen anywhere and at any time.

george washington bridge - living in NJ while working in NYC.
Is it possible to feel good living in NJ while working in NYC?

Therefore, forget about pre-created images in your mind that you can make friends exclusively at formal gatherings in big cities. As you know, those are just innumerable unknown people whose faces you see for the first and last time. In New Jersey, any communication in the real or virtual world is potentially networking and thus, making friends.

Active living in NJ while working in NYC

If you are just moving, and especially if you move your home from an NYC to NJ you may feel that living in a smaller town may be quite insulating… Especially at weekends! Without rush and daily contact with people, your job can fall into the background. With this, you may spend more and more time cleaning, saving or surfing the Internet, rather than looking for friends.

new jersey
Greater involvement in the life of your New Jersey community is more than recommended.

So when you are living in NJ while working in NYC, greater involvement in the life of your New Jersey community is more than recommended. Become a member of clubs, associations, communities, volunteer, actively participate in social gatherings and public events. The secret is that those occasions open up new opportunities.

You can start a conversation on every occasion

One of the benefits of living in NJ while working in NYC is that you never know behind which corner an opportunity awaits you. It might sound stereotypical, but it’s true in any case. You travel every day, so you get the chance to move and make connections. Also, in smaller environments as New Jersey, it’s easier to take advantage of all social gatherings and informal interactions with known and unknown people.

So before you know it, one second you are talking about disposal and cleaning and the next one, you meet the love of your life. And you never really know who you are going to encounter on the other side and what new opportunities will open. Very often, just casual, preconceived talks, are far more productive than formal, crowded gatherings, where most of the participants are trying for another side to like them. And as a rule, this turns into a very awkward and weird conversation.

Less time on social networks

If you want to put New Jersey vs New York, it will be an uneven fight. You are comparing two completely different places. So if you are living in NJ while working in NYC, you can take advantage and learn something new. For example, almost every recent public research says that people spend too much time on social networks. It’s as if our whole life has moved into the virtual world on our computers and smart devices.

Try to use your time in a smart way. And believe it or not, even social networks can be useful tools in finding something educational to learn. You can find e-books or audiobooks, you can watch a documentary, learn a foreign language, or even write a book! Use your time in a smart way.

building doors
Virtual contact while going home from New York City can open up new opportunities.

Besides, in addition to learning something, this free time can allow you to directly contact people with whom you potentially want to meet or even work. It’s just like an informal meeting on the street, a coffee shop or in a waiting room at the doctor. This virtual contact while going home from New York City can open up new opportunities.

No crowd, no problem

Due to a larger number of people in New York City, you may think that life is more interesting than in New York. But that is not the case. In big cities like NYC, you may feel that you are being part of something bigger, but at the same time, you are losing yourself. People are often in a hurry and sometimes acts as robots. There is also a higher rate of crimes than in New Jersey.

Besides, it often appears that NYC runs like a clock, in its own laws, always making you wait for something. And most often it’s the boring stuff: to cross the street, to wait in line for coffee, watching endless commercial breaks and so on. In this waiting, family and friends are often neglected and put off for another day. That’s why life in New Jersey can be much healthier and happier than in New York City.

In the end, does living in NJ while working in NYC means just picking up the crumbs from the table? Of course not! It is only necessary to take advantage of all the benefits of today’s modern and smart technologies and be more creative. Once you settle in, you will find that you will be able to participate equally in a new environment and learn something new along the way.

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