Best family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC

Are you a parent or planning to have kids in New York? Although Big Apple is not a perfect choice for quiet and cozy family life, this place will have a lot to offer to your kids. Believe it or not, many families and future parents hiring our long-distance movers Queens and coming to different areas of NYC. It is because there are so many family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC. Aside from crowded streets and noise, NYC has affordable and safe neighborhoods with excellent public schools, vast green spaces, affordable housing options. So, if you have a job opportunity in NYC and have a family, there is no better place to be. We will help you if you are not sure will NYC be good for raising a family. Let’s discover the most family-oriented neighborhoods in Big Apple. After you choose the one, you will relocate on short notice!

Consider excellent family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC

Even if you would like to raise your children in a small town, if your current job is in NYC, you will probably try to find an affordable family home here. Although NYC is well known as a concrete jungle, a lush green space is easy to see across many areas of this city. Whether you are coming from another state or hiring our moving companies Long Island for your NY relocation, you want to know which neighborhoods to consider. So, we will give you a list of top-rated family-friendly neighborhoods in this amazing city.

Mother and daughter walking across Brooklyn which is one of the family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC.
There are many family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC.

Top family neighborhood in NYC

Here are some of the neighborhoods you should consider:

  • Queens – Forest Hills is an ideal place for you if you have school-age children. Your family will enjoy many different activities in this neighborhood;
  • Staten Island – Great Kills is perfect for those hoping to escape the city while able to commute to Manhattan;
  • The Bronx – Riverdale is one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx for young professionals and families;
  • Brooklyn – Park Slope is rated as one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC;
  • Manhattan – Battery Park City has some of the best schools in New York, according to most research.

Working in some of the mentioned places? You can start looking for a new home near the company you are working for. Once you find a new home, our Queens best movers will be there to help you perform your move. Nevertheless, you should think thoroughly about the final decision.

Home in a family-friendly neighborhood
Be wise when choosing a home area for your family.

How to make the best choice?

There are many aspects to consider when you need to move your home. From time to commute to a budget-friendly home you should opt for, this decision will be a tough one. However, one thing is for sure, NYC has excellent neighborhoods for raising a family. So, before you start looking for the pros and cons of all family-friendly neighborhoods in Big Apple, think about other factors, too. Will the chosen neighborhood be easy to commute to? Are you planning to buy or rent your new home? Will you need help from residential movers NYC? Once you write down all things that are important for your family, it will be easy to opt for some of the top family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC.

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