Best places in NYC for nature lovers

Do you plan on relocating to NYC soon? Have you moved there already? Well, if you are a nature lover you will surely find the tall buildings surrounding you everywhere a bit annoying. However, there is no need to worry! There are plenty of outdoor places to enjoy in NYC. We are here to help you find the best places in NYC for nature lovers. Moreover, if you have not relocated already, we will also briefly mention the importance of hiring professional and reliable movers such as Tik Tok moving and storage NYC to assist you.

Bridge in a park in NYC.
There are plenty of great outdoor places for nature lovers in NYC>

Best spots in NYC for nature lovers

The High Line Park

This park is located on a former New York Central Railroad rail on the west side of Manhattan. This abandoned spur has been redesigned in 2009 and finished in 2014. Open spaces, greenery, overlooks, art, and a beautiful 1.45-mile trail are perfect for all nature lovers. The High Line Park truly is a unique mix between architecture and greenery and open space. In addition to this, you can join a free tour to get a more in-depth experience as well as learn more history about the whole location.

Prospect Park

Bridges, greenery, statues, monuments, and many waterways are all available for your enjoyment in Prospect Park. This place is absolutely fantastic for anyone who enjoys spending time outside especially surrounded by nature. Prospect Park is located in Brooklyn and can be enjoyed throughout the season. However, the best time to enjoy this beautiful park is during the summer months. Furthermore, it is filled with numerous trails which you can explore for a long time without getting bored. A very popular summer event that takes place here is a Big movie summer festival event. Go here with your friends for a picnic, enjoy the nature trails or rent a kayak and navigate through the lake! You can also bring your pet and have some outdoor fun activities together. If you are moving with your pet to NYC, make sure you know how to make a move easy on your pets.

Van Cortlandt Park

This park consists of more than a thousand acres of ridges and valleys in the northwest Bronx. There are lots of playgrounds and playing fields for various sports in Van Cortlandt Park. Moreover, there is a quiet oak forest which is perfect for any nature lover. Head on over to this park and enjoy the beautiful shades of the oak forest and the overall nature scene. If you are relocating to the Bronx area, be sure that you contact reliable Bronx movers when doing so to assist you with your move properly.

Central Park is one of the best places in NYC for nature lovers. best
Central Park is one of the best places in NYC for nature lovers with plenty of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery for everyone to enjoy.

Central Park

The list would not be complete if we did not put Central Park here. While it is true that this park has lots of visitors throughout the year and can sometimes be quite crowded, it is a place where you can get away from everything and simply enjoy nature. The area of Central Park is truly amazing and it is no wonder it is the fifth-largest park in New York City. There are numerous attractions here as well as plenty of things to do during each season of the year. However, there are certain areas that are located in Central Park and are perfect for nature lovers. So, let us take a look.

Hallet Nature Sanctuary

If you are looking to enjoy nature while also staying in the Manhattan area, then this is the perfect place for you. The Hallet Nature Sanctuary is located in Central Park and truly is a quiet, nature-filled place. You can explore a lot of dirt trails in this area or go out for a run. In addition to this, you can also enjoy a quiet picnic where you can really relax and read a book or meditate.

The Cop Cot

Another park within a park, the Cop Cot is also located in Central Park. Central Park is huge and you can visit it for years without exploring it entirely. The Cop Cot is one of those hidden areas that are really worth exploring if you are a nature lover. It features some of the best views of the NYC skyline and Central Park. The Cop Cot got its name from the Scottish phrase which means a little house on top of the little. The Cop Cot is the largest rustic wooden structure in Central Park and is really worth visiting. Additionally, there are also rustic benches outside of the structures as well where you can sit, drink coffee, and take a nice little break from the busy life in the city.

A woman ready for the move.
Enjoy a successful and stress-free move by hiring reliable and professional movers in NYC.

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The process of moving especially to a large place such as New York City is not really easy. Quite contrary, it can be very challenging and filled with complications that can make this entire period of your life stressful. Therefore, it is a good idea to have help and assistance throughout your move from reliable movers that have a ton of experience. Professional movers can help you out with numerous moving services Queens NY. They will also tackle the key moving-related tasks while you get to save your time and energy by focusing on other things.

In summary, there are certainly quite a few best places in NYC for nature lovers. You will never get bored of various parks, trails, and greenery that are strangely available throughout one of the busiest and most urban cities in the World. If you are still trying to organize your relocation, make sure you hire reliable movers that can help you out with numerous moving tasks and offer excellent packing services NYC. With good organization and professional movers, you will be ready to enjoy some of NYC’s best places for nature lovers in no time!

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