Brooklyn vs. Queens: Which is better to live in?

First of, congratulations on your decision to move! This is a great next step in your life and you should feel proud! Second, it is time to decide where to move! And this time we will discuss the Brooklyn vs. Queens! Continue reading our article and find out what are the ups and downs of both of these places!

Brooklyn vs. Queens – How it is to live in Brooklyn

In the Brooklyn vs. Queens discussion, we will start with Brooklyn. Being one of the most populated boroughs in NYC, Brooklyn is named after an old Dutch village called Breukelen. It is connected to the neighboring places with a series of bridges and tunnels. As you may notice, Brooklyn is well connected with the other parts as well. Making commuting very reasonable and sometimes fast. The public transportation sometimes may run late, but it comes often and you won’t miss them! Although there can be some traffic jams, most of the time they do not happen. Since people tend to use public transportation as their means of traveling.

Image of Brooklyn
In the Brooklyn vs. Queens debate, Brooklyn wins in terms of public transportation

This is what makes driving in Brooklyn a good idea! It can be fast, safe and secure. And you can easily relocate to another neighborhood this way. This will make it easier to look for reliable movers NYC when you decide to relocate!

Brooklyn climate

Brooklyn falls under the humid subtropical climate! With the moderate influence of the Atlantic Ocean, you can bet Brooklyn gets enough rain on a yearly basis. It is one of those places with a lot of rainfall. But do not let that information keep you away from living here. The winters are not that cold and summers are not that hot! Although that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw away your winters clothes.

Image of a puddle - Brooklyn vs. Queens climate
There is a lot of rain in Brooklyn

During winter, the roads are cleaned and well taken care of. Making driving easy and safe! Which is good news, since autumn and spring are offseason for relocating. But, do not worry about the driving in winter roads issue. Movers in Brooklyn are professionals, and good driving skills are just one of the traits of a good moving company!

Economy in Brooklyn

In the Brooklyn vs. Queens debate, the economy can play a major role. The Brooklyn economy is majorly oriented around manufacturing, it isn’t a surprise that there are a lot of technicians and builders here. You can meet the mechanics of all ages and profiles. So if you are more into manufacturing, then, by all means, Brooklyn is just the place for you!

Image of drills
Manufacturing is one of the major employing factors in Brooklyn

We all know that moving can be stressful and you already need to think about a lot of things. But with moving tips to help you relocate, you can stay sure, your relocation to Brooklyn will go smoothly! With reliable movers at your side, you can spend time searching for that perfect job opportunity you need!

Brooklyn’s education

You don’t have to worry about your and your children’s education in Brooklyn. It is provided by a large number of both private and public schools. And, the public schools are guided under the strict guidelines of the NYC Department of education. You can find more about Brooklyn schools on the districts official website.

High School Graduation
Brooklyn Technical High School is the largest specialized high school

One of the largest specialized high schools in Brooklyn is Brooklyn vs. Queens.Its specialty is science, technology, and mathematics. It is famous for its academics, graduates, and other major successes. If educations play a great role in your Brooklyn vs. Queens decision, then this is a good reason to move here!

Queens and the perks of living there

As one of the most easternmost parts of NYC, it is the largest borough. Right next to Brooklyn. There are over 2 million residents in Queens at this moment. And it holds the title of the second most populated county. What separates Queens on Brooklyn vs Queens discussion is the specialization of the trading economy.

Brooklyn vs. Queens - Trading chart
The driving force in Queens is trading

The main employers here are in transportation, trading, and utilities. Also, here you can find two of three major airports. And they are one of the busiest places in the world. So, when it comes to the economy of Queens, rest assured that airline is one of the major job providers here.

Education in Queens

The basic elementary and secondary school education is found in a lot of places in Queens. They are provided by both private and public schools. NYC Department of Educations guides the public schools. On the other hand, private schools are affiliated with the Roman Catholic/Jewish religious residents.

Their education excels in social studies and is in the top 100 schools in the US.  For a bigger list of schools in Queens, you will have to take time to explore. Because there are a lot of schools you can choose for your children. The emphasis Queens puts on the education of its students can put them an advantage in the Brooklyn vs. Queens debate. So, if education is what is most important for you, then you should definitely move to Queens.

Brooklyn vs. Queens - Books on shelves
Education in Queens is very good!

Brooklyn vs. Queens debate is very hard to win. Since both places possess the qualities needed to raise a successful family. Not to mention to advance your education and career. In the end, it all falls down on your personal choice. If you are more into technology and manufacturing, go to Brooklyn. Queens, on the other hand, can offer you jobs in the airline industry as well as in trading and transportation. Both places are prominent and both offer good opportunities. If you wish to add something to our article, leave us a reply in the comment section. We are sure other readers will be happy to hear any other testimonials that can help them decide where to move next!

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