Budget-friendly home improvements for your NYC rental

When you rent your house or apartment sometimes you have to do the home renovation. This can be a huge investment, depending on the state your property is in. Normally you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on home improvement investments. Luckily there are many tips and tricks to apply in order to improve the shape and state of your property and not spend much. To make the whole process work, you will need to hire a company such as Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC. Having reputable movers with experience around can help you a great deal in this process. Sometimes it means investing a little in the crucial parts. It can come as a surprise to see how some small cosmetic changes can make your home shine.  In this article, read about home improvements for your NYC rental.

Budget-friendly wall improvements

The greatest surface in your home makes the walls. If you have a certain color on your walls that looks worn out, now is the best time to change this. Consider some neutral and light tones which will give the space a fresh look and it will look wider. Darker and heavy colors such as burgundy you should avoid, as it will just close the space. If you have white walls, now is the perfect time to breathe in the new life into them. If you need help to disassemble and remove some furniture, consult Bronx movers to help you with it. You can try different samples on the walls, as it always looks different in the actual space. Compare the color to your furniture. If needed, you can replace some furniture pieces as well. In addition, you can ways just change the color of your sofa for a better impression.

ladders with some covered floor
Make some home improvements for your NYC rental

Give your flooring new life

Another big surface that can change the entire impression in your home is your floors. Old floors tend to be a usual make-or-break characteristic when it comes to choosing a certain home. You do not have to take out the entire flooring. In addition, one of the best home improvements for your NYC rental is simply coloring your floor. It will give a nice fresh look to have both your floors and walls colored. However, when it comes to coloring floors, do not buy the cheapest color to save. It will peel off the moment residential movers NYC starts putting your large furniture pieces back. When it comes to carpets, if they are in good condition, simply wash them. Especially if this is a home where landlords allow smoking and pet keeping. In that case, consider replacing carpets as it is hard to wash out the smell.

Home improvements for your NYC rental- updated appliances

You do not have to change the entire kitchen in order to make your rental look new. Therefore, replace the hardware on your cabinets, doors, and furniture. In most homes, you will see stainless steel knobs. Instead, you can go for stone, glass pulls. These will cost under $5. It is a small but important change that will give your home a new appearance. In addition, if some of the cabinets suffered bumping and have visible traces of use, then replace them. Also, it is important to check the kitchen appliances.

tins with paint on the floor
Painting your floor will make the entire rental look better

Make sure that everything works. From a microwave to your stove. Consider adding a dishwasher into your kitchen to improve the quality of the unit. It does not have to be brand new of course. Even the used ones of good quality will serve their purpose. Finally, fix all the defects around your rental.

Change the style a little bit

Nowadays, one of the most popular home design styles is the Scandinavian or Nordic style. It means really keeping it simple. That includes beige, white, and grey interior with some black details. Plants can add a great deal of life to your rental. There are many plants for which big stores can give you a warranty. On the other hand, you may decide to have a classic American home. Remember that you do not have to move out during the home renovation. The idea is to make some small, yet effective changes that will not take too much of your time and money. If you go for the American-style home, it means what your home will look like from the images of the ’60s and ’70s. In addition, consider adding some paintings on the wall. Adding small details, like a lamp, can change the appearance greatly.

a kitchen island in the middle of a kitchen
Check your cupboards and kitchen appliances during a home renovation

Other home improvements for your NYC rental

Do not forget about the bathroom. This is also one of the most important rooms in your home. The way it appears can change the impression a great deal. If the toilet seat has cracks, replace it with a new one. Also, take your time to clean the tiles in detail. Make sure to get a decent toilet paper holder. You can find a holder on Amazon every day on a lightning deal. Do not forget to change bad rental light fixtures for something more appealing. You can unscrew the existing ones and replace them with some that reflect your style more. To find some, visit some thrift stores, or big-box chains to get some for under $20. Finally, change the bedding and the duvet covers into some monochromatic ones for a final touch. Your rental will look more expensive.

There are many home improvements for your NYC rental that you can make. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to spend a fortune. Making some small changes in terms of lights, painting walls and floors can make a huge difference. If you need to move large pieces of furniture, in that case you can hire movers with experience. You certainly do not have to move out during the works. It will be enough to cover most of the items with nylon and old newspapers when painting the walls and floors. Soon, you will have a nice, fresh rental ready to use.


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