Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in NYC

If you have never seen the beautiful mess that St. Patrick’s Day in NYC is, you are in for a treat! Even if you have, this particular holiday gets better and better every single year. If you are considering moving from Hicksville, do note that the movers in Hicksville NY may get really busy around this time of the year. Best to hire them well in advance. There are many ways to celebrate St. Paddie’s day but there are some clear winners. You will definitely not want to miss the parade but otherwise, you may want to join some parties, try some authentic cuisine and perhaps even catch a movie.

All in all, there’s a lot to do, but we will try to show you:

How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in NYC?

Obviously, there are a lot more than only these three ways but we feel that they will definitely bring you into the whole spirit of this holiday:

  • Post-parade party!
  • Try authentic Irish soda bread
  • See the best of Irish filmmaking
st patricks
Do not miss the post-parade party!

Post-parade party!

Every year there is a huge, well-organized, post-parade party. This time, the host is the Rockaway Rugby Club and they have prepared great drinks for your enjoyment. The whole thing starts at 2 pm, so you can get start getting your fill rather fast. There will be plenty of live music, with names such as Two Degrees, Narrowbacks, and Shilelagh Law. If you need to get some moving boxes Queens NY, make sure that you acquire them before all hell breaks loose in the streets. You will definitely not be able to get them then.

The entrance will set you back $20 alone, not to mention the price of the drinks themselves. Make sure you have a bit to spend.

Try authentic Irish soda bread

If you’ve never had Irish soda bread, make sure that you try it this time around. There are places, such as Amy’s Bread, that make this particular delicacy. Their stock gets sold out really fast though, so if you want to make sure that you have yourself a loaf on St. Patrick’s day, be sure to call them few days before the holiday.

The bread itself is a simple affair, actually. The ingredients like butter, some caraway seeds, buttermilk, and raisins, give this bread such authentic taste. The crumb is perfect and the bread is just as sweet as it needs to be. For the best experience, acquire a loaf and munch on it while you watch the parade.

The real reason, however, for this great bread is to soak up all the beer you will definitely have on this holiday. The bread does go for $11.50 per loaf, so be warned.

Make sure to try Irish soda bread, it’s delicious!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in NYC – See the best of Irish filmmaking

Finally, you absolutely have to visit the Craic Fest. This is an Irish festival of music and film, which always presents the best that Irish cinema has to offer. The crown jewel is definitely “The Prizefighter”, shown on the opening night, which tells a story of Spike O’Sullivan, the Irish boxing champion. However, if you are just visiting, you should also visit some of the best cocktail bars in NYC! You will have a lot of fun!

The afterparty, which is happening at Bar 13, starts after the movie.

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