Cleaning out your attic before the move

The attic or loft is mostly used to store items during the summer or winter months. Due to the fact that it is often a pretty vast place, you can find anything here. However, finding numerous insects, dust, grime, and clutter in the attic is not a good thing. For many individuals, attics may be a cause of worry, as the thought of cleaning the ever-growing filth becomes unbearable. And if you’re forced to relocate, you’ll need to determine what you’re taking with you and what you can discard. Begin by contacting our reputable Staten Island movers. Then it’s time to get back to work. Thus, let us examine ways of cleaning out your attic before the move.

Organizing and cleaning out your attic before the move
The attic is probably one of the messiest places in everyone’s house, thus it requires special attention before your move.

Why you should pay a visit to your attic every now and again?

An attic is an excellent location for storing your goods and protecting them from adverse weather conditions. Additionally, because items in the attic do not irritate you, you may safely put them off and disregard them until you require them again. Even though there is sufficient room in the attic, this does not mean that you may store anything without thinking. Specifically, while your possessions will be shielded from wind and rain, there is still a significant risk of dampness and other pests using the attic as a hiding spot. Thus, cleaning and monitoring the attic on a regular basis is beneficial. Naturally, if you haven’t cleaned in a while, we’ll show you how to complete a thorough cleaning out of your attic before you move.

 6 practical tips for cleaning out your attic before the move

  1. First and foremost, safeguard yourself

    Before you begin searching for residential movers NYC, let’s choose what to do with that attic. Equip yourself with protective equipment prior to starting to clean your attic before the move. We recommend that you wear long-sleeved, worn-in clothing that is prone to get soiled after cleaning. Because practically every attic contains a smattering of dust and junk, use a face mask to protect your respiratory system. It might not be a terrible idea to wear goggles as well. Most essential, put on gloves before cleaning and then start to work.

  2. Remove as much as you can before it’s too late

    Ideally, before you begin cleaning your attic, you’ll want to remove as much as possible. All items that take up space must be moved out of the way to allow for a more thorough inspection of your attic. One critical point to remember is to exercise extreme caution when descending numerous flights of stairs. Injury is all too likely while carrying a big weight down staircases, so clear your route ahead of time and go gently. After removing everything, you may examine your surroundings more closely, but this is not where safety precautions should end.

  3. Clean from top to bottom

    You may start cleaning your attic properly when you’ve moved everything out of the way and taken all necessary precautions. Starting from the top will ensure that you can sweep or vacuum any dust that falls to the ground. Vacuums are essential for cleaning up dead insects and dust mites as well as removing traces of other allergies. As a result, we recommend taking all of the clutter out of the attic before beginning the cleaning procedure.

    A woman wearing gloves and holding a spray bottle
    Always wear gloves when cleaning out your attic before the move.
  4. Take advantage of the chance to prevent future issues

    The best way to get your attic back in working order is to make a few preventative modifications once you’ve cleared everything out and checked for problem areas. To deal with any bugs or vermin you may have, now is the ideal time. Before you replace everything, check to see if your insulation needs to be replaced if it’s uneven or collapsing. If you take care of insulation issues early on, your HVAC system will be able to function more effectively.

    Cracks and holes in the woodwork might also be a concern. The sooner you shut up these places, the better. If you’re not cautious, they might generate drafts that could drive up your heating and cooling costs. When your attic is completely vacant, you may do a lot more to avoid future issues.

  5. Compile a list of what needs to be discarded

    If you’re having a hard time deciding what to save from your attic, remember that everything was there for a good purpose. You couldn’t make a decision back then, but you need to make a decision before putting everything back where it was and having to go through the procedure all over again in a few months’ time. Remember that you don’t have to get rid of everything. We at Tik Tok moving & storage can help you get rid of unwanted things with the help of our junk removal services or by storing them away for you. Aside from that, your old attic filler will benefit someone in need rather than just gathering dust.

  6. Put together a new organizational system

    A strategy that works for you should be devised when there are still items in the attic that need to be returned. To make it easy to access the goods you use most regularly, place them near the attic’s door. You might want to think about creating a clear path through the room rather than just arranging objects wherever they fit in the area. It doesn’t matter what you come up with, as long as it’s better than a haphazard approach that leaves things scattered all over the place!

    an organized attic
    Once you clean out your attic a little bit, try to maintain it more often.

We hope that some of these suggestions will help you get your attic cleaned up so that it doesn’t cause you as much worry. We at Tik Tok moving and storage are always here to make the process a lot easier for everyone. We’ll gladly remove unwanted goods from you and help you with all of your moving and hauling needs. We can even clean out your attic before the move instead of you. Just give us a ring to schedule an appointment.


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