Common packing mistakes to avoid

The process of packing is one of those things that you cannot avoid when relocating. It is probably the biggest and most important part of any move. Therefore, it can be sometimes hard to complete without mistakes. However, there are a few common packing mistakes to avoid when moving. In this article, we are going to cover major and crucial mistakes to avoid when packing for your relocation. In addition to this, we will mention the importance of having assistance with moving and storage Queens NY when relocating. 

The most common packing mistakes you should avoid when moving

Not using the right packing supplies

You probably have a ton of different items to pack for your upcoming relocation. All of these items differ in their weight, height, quality, strength, etc. Some of the items that you move are also highly sensitive and easily breakable. One of the most common mistakes that people make when packing is not using the proper packing supplies. There are a few essential packing supplies that should always get for your relocation such as:

  • Protective materials. Bubble wrap, packing foam, padding materials, etc all fall under this category and are there to protect your items once they are packed.
  • Cardboard boxes. Standard packing supplies. Try and get them in different sizes and makes sure they are of high quality. If you are struggling with these packing supplies and boxes, make sure you contact professionals who can assist in getting reliable packing supplies Queens NY for your move.
  • Labeling materials. Various items to label your boxes fall under this category.
  • Packing tape. A crucial component in keeping your boxes closed during transportation.
Packing a cardboard box.
Not getting the right packing tools and materials is one of the crucial packing mistakes to avoid.

Stuffing your cardboard boxes

We have mentioned already that cardboard boxes are some of the most essential packing supplies. Furthermore, we said that you need to get them in different sizes and make sure they are of high quality. However, this is not enough. Namely, you also need to be careful when putting items inside the boxes. Stuffing one of your cardboard boxes too much can lead to items being damaged or your box being opened. Therefore, it is best to get a larger number of cardboard boxes and spread your inventory evenly. If you are worried about leftover boxes, you can always use them for decluttering some of your inventory or simply reuse them later on for something else. It is far better to have more cardboard boxes where each can be filled properly than having few boxes all cluttered with items and ready to burst at any moment.

Leaving too much empty space in your boxes

This next one is the exact opposite mistake that you can make of what we have previously mentioned. Empty space inside your boxes means that your items can move around and potentially get damaged. So, how do you fix this without stuffing your cardboard boxes with too many items? Well, for starters, you need to use some of the packing materials you have previously acquired. For example, you can use padding materials to fill in the gaps between the packed items. This is extremely important if you are packing glass items or similar inventory. Furthermore, there are clever and interesting ways to use plastic wrap when moving to bring multiple items together while also filling up the gap and properly packing them together.

A couple using plastic wrap as packing mistakes to avoid.
Try to avoid both over-packing your boxes but also leaving too much empty space inside your cardboard boxes.

Doing a lot of last-minute packing

Packing items can not only be complicated, but it can also take a ton of your time and energy. Sometimes, it can also be quite boring. It is for this reason that a large number of people delay the packing process as long as possible. Last-minute packing is not impossible but it is one of the more common packing mistakes you should try to avoid. This does nothing but put additional pressure on an already stressful period. In case you are in a situation where last-minute packing is unavoidable, try to stay organized and make sure you know how to properly construct moving boxes to avoid damaging your items. 

Poor box labeling

We talked a little bit about labeling materials when mentioning the essential items to get for your relocation at the beginning of this article. However, let us now expand on this and go over why not using labeling materials is a crucial packing mistake. Poor box labeling is a big packing mistake because it makes your packing process a nightmare to follow. By labeling boxes, you know exactly where each item is packed. Furthermore, you and your movers know which boxes need to be handled with extra care when moving. In addition to this, you will have an easier time with the unpacking process because, again, you know where each item is packed.

Not decluttering before your move

We have established already that the process of packing can be quite complicated. So, what is something that you can do, before the actual packing, to make it easier? Decluttering can make your packing a lot more organized and smoother. It is essentially getting rid of the items you no longer need or want in your inventory. You can donate them, sell them, or keep them in storage, regardless of your decision, decluttering is crucial in making packing easier. If you indeed choose to store some of your items, make sure you contact professionals who can help you out with storage Queens.

A couple getting ready for the move.
Declutter your inventory before you begin packing to make it smoother and more efficient.

Need help with the packing process? Contact professionals

In summary, there are many packing mistakes to avoid when moving. The key thing is staying organized, not rushing the packing process, and using the right tools and materials. However, you can also make your packing easier, by hiring a reliable local Long Island City moving company to help you out. With a good plan and reliable movers, you will complete your packing and moving safely and in no time!

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