Creative NYC storage ideas

Storage space in our homes is an ever-growing problem. We constantly keep adding new stuff to our place and we rarely throw anything away. Sure, some of us are more diligent than others, but if you are a “hoarder” like me, storage space is definitely lacking. The thing is, I might need everything at some point. It does not matter that I most probably will not. If this sounds familiar, and if storage Queens is something that concerns you as well, read on because we are about to find out about some creative NYC storage ideas!

When it comes to in-home storage, the fact of the matter is that you can’t get more space than you actually have. That is impossible. However, what you can do is maximize the space that is available. You can do this in various ways and we will compile some of them into a nifty list:

Creative NYC storage ideas – The List

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, but it will serve to spark your imagination and to provide you with some fast band-aid solutions!

  • Shelves along the walls
  • Floating shelves
  • Hooks, hooks and more hooks
  • Use canvas bags for clothes and linens
  • Bed Risers
  • Sit on storage space
Install shelves on the walls!

However, even with all these ideas, it is entirely possible that your apartment just cannot accommodate all your stuff. If that is the case, perhaps you need to consider moving. And if you do end up moving, you would do well to hire some of the best residential movers NYC around. Moving is a big endeavor and you will definitely want professional help.

Shelves along the walls

One of the best creative NYC storage ideas is to get instant storage space in the form of shelves along all the walls. I mean, just imagine how much space you can get if you line every wall with a shelf. Full size, end to end! Just make sure to give it a bit of elevation, so you don’t bump into them on accident.

Hooks, hooks and more hooks

No, not fishhooks. You want those hanging hooks everywhere you can place them. A particularly creative idea is to hang your shoes on them. That way, you can hang all your shoes on one part of the wall, saving a lot of space in the process.

Canvas Bags

In every household, there are a lot of clothes lying around and requiring space. What you can do is cram them all into canvas bags and place those canvas bags onto shelves. Bonus points if you use your bags as pillows! Of course, you can also ask your local Queens mover for their storage services. Store clothes that you are not using anymore in one of the self-storage units.

canva bags
Store clothes in canvas bags!

Bed Risers

These handy items will raise your bed to a higher elevation, providing you with ample storage space beneath. There are many bed risers on the market, ranging from plastic all the way to metal. If you are interested, these are some of the best bed risers you can find on the market.

Creative NYC storage ideas – Sit on storage space

One of the best ways to create more space is to combine two or more functionalities into one. For example, you can have sitting spaces in your home double up as storage. You can fill every “chair” with various items!

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