Eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies

Nowadays, thinking green and eco-friendly is a must. It has been communicated to us in numerous ways that nature needs us, for us and for future generations as well. We need to be as eco-friendly as possible, and moving is a great way to do this. There are a plethora of eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies, we can get as creative as we want and preserve our planet as well. Also, moving and storage Queens NY recognizes this and will help you in your desire to be eco-friendly. Here we will present to you some of the best tips and tricks to pack your items without harming the planet.


When packing for their relocation, people usually need and buy a lot of boxes and then ask what to do with leftover moving boxesHowever, it really does not have to be like this. Instead of buying brand new boxes for your relocation, think about reusing them.

  • Your friends and family must have some spare boxes that you can use for your moving.
  • The local grocery store will be happy to pass on the boxes that you can use for packing your items.
  • Your suitcases can be a fantastic substitute for moving boxes. So can the plastic bins, eggs cartons, dresser drawers and bags that you use for your gym, or for the supermarket. Think eco-friendly while packing.
using your suitcases is one of the eco-friendly ways to use the packing supplies
Suitcases and bags are one of the great eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies

If you cannot find the moving boxes anywhere, go with the moving boxes Queens NY as they are of the best quality and eco-friendly all the way. After using them, you can return them and in this way, you will be able to recycle. Or, you can take them to the recycle center in your neighborhood. You can even pass them to your friends and family for their needs.

Use improved packing peanuts

But not the regular ones. The regular packing peanuts need 500 years to dissolve, as they are made of petroleum. On the other hand, there are now starch-based packing peanuts, one of the eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies. These can dissolve in water within just a few minutes. If you are worried about whether they are equally as good as regular packing peanuts, do not be. They will serve you well, if not even better than the old ones, for packing fragile goods. This is also a great way to think in eco-friendly terms and going green in your storage unit.

You will not need an air-bubble wrap for packing anymore

An air-bubble wrap is a thing of the past, as you have so many items in your home that you can replace air-bubble wrap with. Use your linen, towels, blankets, and cloth to preserve your fragile items from damage. They will act as a cushion, and safety is guaranteed. Another great thing that you can use when packing your glasses, dishes, utensils, mirrors and other breakable items is the newspaper. We all have them at home, despite modern technologies. Now, they can be useful for other things rather than for reading. This is just one of many eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies.

towels in a cabinet
Towels, linen, blankets, and cloth are an excellent way to protect fragile items from damage during the relocation

Get creative with packing because eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies are everywhere

As we already mentioned, you can use a lot of the items you already have to act as boxes. For example, you can place your clothes in the suitcases. A lot of space can be saved if you roll of your clothes and place them inside. You can do the same thing with the rest of your suitcases, or bags. We all have them, and now the time has come that they serve as one of the eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies.

Moving on to dresser drawers, they are super useful because you pack the rest of your clothes there, or books, souvenirs, and other smaller items. Egg cartons can serve you for jewelry, or kitchen utensils. Just remember to secure them with tape. If you have large, black trash bags, use them. Not only can they save you space, but they will make the packing easier, plus you will not have to get additional boxes. You can store everything that is unbreakable in the trash bags. This means, clothes, linen, towels, blankets, etc.

Downsize before packing

Do you really need two toasters or an old t-shirt that you cannot wear anymore? Downsizing can help you a big way of being eco-friendly. If you have fewer items to pack, you will not need plenty of packing supplies. When moving, people usually realize that they have so many things stored for years that are not in use. Think about whether you will need and use these items in the future. If the answer is no (it usually is no), donate them, have a garage sale and sell them, or throw them away. You will be glad afterward, because your unpacking will go smoother, and you will not need as many packing supplies.

a red chair with a garage sale sign written on it
Sell as many items as you can before you start packing, as you will then need less packing supplies

We have seen that there are plenty of eco-friendly ways to use packing supplies. Unleash your creativity because it will only get better. By acting this way, you will not only preserve the planet and the environment, but you will also save yourself from a lot of packing supplies that need to be dealt with. Save yourself the time and trouble, and get recycled materials that can be reused over and over again. It is possible with just a little bit of effort and preparation. Once the relocation is over you will be proud of yourselves for using so many eco-friendly packing supplies. Good luck!

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