Essential long-term storage guidelines

Very few can claim with certainty that the additional space would not make much of a difference in their lives. If you take a bit of time to look around your place, you will find that many items are out of place. Being a bit more invested in this endeavor, you can take a glance at your closet, basement, attic and every other nook and cranny. We guarantee that you will find items long forgotten about. And while you may think that it is fine to keep those items there, extra space is never a bad thing to have. Especially when it comes to your everyday life. You could turn your attic into a nice lounge area, or make more room in your closet so that you don’t have too much time looking for your favorite jacked. The great way to get that extra space is through long-term storage NYC.

Chances that you are meeting with this term for the first time are rather slim. Especially if you have been in the business with long distance movers NYC. People often opt for long term storage when going on long trips, or when their relocation is not of a clear outcome. Whatever your case may be, we will address this subject as if you are a complete novice.

Storage containers
Long-term storage might just be the solution you need. Let’s see what you ought to expect.

The initial assessment

It would be rather foolish to get a long- term storage if you do not have the items to store in there, wouldn’t it? So, let us avoid this unpleasant situation. Before making a list of the items you plan on storing, it would be best that you first declutter. That is, get rid of all the redundancies in your home. These would be the items you don’t intend on using ever again. Now, it does sound harsh when we say it like this, so let us elaborate a bit. When going through your home, make a note of all the items whose existence has fallen into oblivion. Be honest with yourself when accessing if these should still be in your life. For example, items that you haven’t used in over six months should be up for debate. If they hold emotional value or are waiting for your kids to grow into them, they are great candidates for long-term storage. On the other hand, if you can do just fine without them, feel free to indeed to so. Toss, donate or sell what you don’t need.

Keep in mind that long-term storage is a great way to get some items out of the way, without giving them up forever. With this approach, it will be easier to make your assessment.

How to pick the right long-term storage?

Now that you have a clearer picture of what to store, the question of ‘where’ arises. And rightfully so. How would one find decent long-term storage? This question is by no means trivial. You might be thinking how your items do not need any special care. After all, they have been collecting dust in your attic for quite some time now. However, when at your home, your belongings are always in room temperature, without any pests and all the other positive aspects of a livable home. Storage unit, on the other hand, often comes with a lot harsher conditions.

An attic
Even though you might not visit your attic as much, it does have its benefits.

So, when setting out on your quest, apart from finding a reputable renting company, make sure to also look for:

  • Moisture and temperature control. These two are to your items like Janice is to Chandler. If they find a way to get it, saving them is no longer an option. So, you need to be extra sure that there is ventilation in the storage units.
  • Pests. These little fellas can cause quite the conundrum. To keep them far away from your belongings, get the storage unit that is made out of metal or concrete, and is solid build. Any wholes and expendable materials could be a way in for these uninvited guests.
  • Trustworthiness. This may seem like a negligible factor, but you should never put your instinct aside. You ought to trust the company that will keep your stuff for this long period of time. Check the internet reviews from other customers, and ask around for advice.

How to pack for long-term storage?

When it comes to packing for long-term storage, you should first think about the boxes. You want to find the ones that are made of quality cardboard, since your items will be stored for some time. Now, packing boxes for the move differs than packing boxes for storage. Namely, the circumstances change, and one must adjust the method. When you are packing for relocation, and have a long road ahead of you, you must be mindful of possible turbulences along the way. This means that you want to avoid filling all of your boxes all the way to the top, as damages are more likely to occur.

A truck on an open road
Packing for the move and packing for long-term storage differ in a way that your items are not exposed to much movement.

However, when packing for long-term storage, the opposite rule applies. You want the boxes as filled up as possible. It might seem odd at first, but there is logic behind this reasoning. You see, space is limited and costly. No one in their right mind should want or pay more than they need. And this is exactly what you will avoid by filling your boxes as much as you can. There is no shifting, and moving in storage, so the chance of damage is slim. Just make sure that you pack the boxes well, and be smart when stacking them. The heaviest ought to go on the bottom, while the lighter ones should find their place on the top. In addition, try to have your boxes all in the same size, so as to make the stacking simpler and more manageable.

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