Essentials to buy after moving to a new home

When relocating your household, it is common practice not to move all of the items that you possess. Not only will your move be more expensive if you bring absolutely everything with you, but some of those items can also be dangerous for the move process itself. Items such as chemicals can ruin your belongings if they spill in transport. Therefore, as movers in Jackson Heights NY recommend, you will need to acquire those essentials after moving to a new home. We have prepared a handy list of items that you might want to get after the relocation.

Moving to a new home? – What are the most important essentials to get?

The best way to organize the purchase of essentials is to break them down by room. How to unpack and organize your new place after the move is also a good thing to know! So, with that in mind, you need to purchase:

  • Kitchen essentials
  • Bathroom essentials
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • Bedroom essentials
  • Closet organization and home decor

Kitchen essentials

For the kitchen essentials, you will need some paper towel holders, various organizers (drawer, cabinet, etc), dish rack and a spice rack to start things off. Then you might want a water filtration system of sorts. You will also need a cutting board, towels, mitts, as well as spatulas and mixing bowls.

Basically, the idea is to get everything that will make your new kitchen feel like home. Because it is your home.

Get kitchen towel holders dish and a spice rack for your kitchen.

Moving to a new home – Bathroom essentials

When it comes to the bathroom, all of the moving companies Long Island recommend getting a shower curtain first. The reason for this is that this single item makes your new bathroom feel like home. After that, you might want to get some shower liners, hooks, and rings, as well as a bath rug. You might want to get some additional towels, too. Other items may include a new toilet seat, toothbrush holder, air fresheners and so on.

Again, the idea is to customize your new bathroom to your liking. Acquire items specifically to that purpose.

Cleaning and laundry

Here you will need to acquire all of the cleaning products that you normally use. You might want to reward yourself with a new pair of gloves or more sponges, as well as a new broom/mop. Consider getting a new trash can, perhaps a bigger one, too. Other than that, a new lint roller or two will surely come in handy.

Bedroom essentials

Ah, the bedroom. You want to make this room exceptionally cozy. Start with a new mattress, with a new pad and protector. Do the same with the pillows. While you’re at it, acquire some new blankets and covers, as well. Make sure that everything is just the way you like it. For example, I like fluffy blankets and every now and then I go and get an extremely fluffy one.

Get a new mattress for your bedroom!

Closet organization and home decor

You can go wild here, it is your new home after all. Think wall art, shelving, wall hanging, lighting, etc. You want to decorate it just the way you like it and nothing is stopping you. Go with what you like, not with what you think someone else will like. After all, you are the one that will be spending most of the time there.

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