First-time renters in Queens – what to expect?

Moving to New York is the biggest wish of an unbelievable number of people. And that is not surprising at all. It’s one of the most amazing cities on the planet. Even with the prices that are pretty much through the roof, a huge number of people move here every day. You can have everything you ever wanted right here. High fashion, street fashion, junk food or the highest class restaurants, late-night parties or walks in the park, you name it and you will find it in New York City. Moving here is not all about hiring the best professional NYC movers and getting to the city. You have to know just what to expect here as well. That is why we made sure you have an actual guide for first-time renters in Queens. Get to know all about this subject right here. 

Moving to Queens- the easiest way

Once you start thinking about relocating to Queens, you will start thinking about the easiest ways to do it. You can conduct a DIY move and move here. But, hiring the best Queens movers, you will be relocated in no time, and completely stress-free. Hiring moving professionals is a great idea and you will easily make sure that you have everything you might need right here. They can take care of all of your belongings in no time. Other than getting the moving professionals, you will need to know how to:

  • Find the apartment to rent and what are the prices
  • What is the most expensive part of the city?
  • How much will you spend on utilities
  • Is there something you should know about finding your way around the city?
  • What’s the weather like and is this part of the city safe?
  • Where should you go out as first-time renters in Queens?
renters in Queens- a street
Names of the streets might be confusing at first, but you will learn

Once you get to know all the basic things you need to know about Queens, moving here will be much easier. You will love your city and will have fun here as well. Queens really is one of the best places to live in.

Where do you find the apartment in Queens?

Getting just the right place for you alone is easier than finding a perfect new home for a family, but you will find something you like in Queens. You can start by going through the home you can find being rented online. Agencies like DouglasElliman can be the perfect place for you to start looking at. You will find the right home for you in no time. The average renting price in Queens is $2,557 but you can find much cheaper or much more expensive units, depending on what you are looking for.

The most expensive neighborhoods

When it comes to Queens, it can get expensive. And we mean- for real. Neighborhoods like Belle Harbor have a median home price reaching almost $1,000,000! That is expensive! You might think that it is impossible to get a home here, but you are mistaking. There are many parts of Queens that are affordable to live in. Jackson Heights is one of the most affordable Queens neighborhoods, with an average rent of just below $1,900. You will enjoy your life here. The first time renters must know all about it.

How much money do you need for utilities?

The median cost of utilities in Queens is about $150 so you can say it is a bit more than in New York City. Transportation is about $190 and you will need money for other things like food. All in all, you will need a bit over $1000 dollars without the rent. It’s not too much, but it’s more than the state average or average in New York City. Residential moves are easier if you are ready and know how much money you are going to need for it. So make sure you do.

renters in Queens- dollar bills
Find out how much money you need before you relocate

Address issue for renters in Queens

Many people get easily confused when they try to navigate Queens. Streets are named by the numbers, so one part of the Queens can have a street, an avenue, a road and a square named after the same number. It can get pretty confusing if you try to find just one of them. But in time, you will learn your way around, just like everyone else. But, the best moving companies NYC has to offer will find a way around. You will get to your new home in no time. If you are first-time renters in Queens, you might get confused.

Queen’s weather and safety

Weather in Queens is just like in New York, since it’s a part of the city. You will notice that the summers are hot and the winters can get pretty snowy and cold, while springs and falls are rainy and mild. You can experience every kind of weather right here. So, if you don’t like seeing just the sun or just the snow, you will love it in Queens. Now, safety. Every city has dangerous spots, but in Queens, when it rains, it pours. You can find a great neighborhood to live in and spend your entire life without seeing a hint of a crime, or your luck can be bad, and you decide to move in a neighborhood like Jamaica, Queens. That is never a good idea.

Where can you go out as renters in Queens?

It is never boring in Queens. You will find a place to go to at any point of day or night. It is amazing how many places you can find to eat, drink, party or chill. You can drink beer in a pub or listen to jazz on the street, it’s your call. There are all kinds of people here, and almost 150 different languages being spoken in Queens, so you can be sure that you are living in one of the most diverse parts of the world. For renters in Queens, everything can be an adventure.

renters in Queens- a drink
There are many places to go out once you move to Queens

Moving to Queens is an amazing experience, all you need is some patience. You will love this place and all the choices it brings. It doesn’t matter if you know just what you want, you will have the best time each and every day you spend here. Just make sure you choose the right neighborhood and you will be more than fine, just like in any other part of any other city. 

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