Fun things to do in West Point NY

If you decided to move to NY, you probably made one of the best decisions of your life If you moved in from a smaller town, the first few months will likely be spent just on going trough everything NY has to offer. If you hire reliable movers like the best movers West Point NY has to offer, the move will be stress-free. And there are all kinds of fun things to do in West Point NY. Just like everything else, there are multiple kinds of fun activities and places to visit. It just depends on what you like and what you are interested in. There is something for everybody here and you will see that moving here is a great decision. Make sure you found out all you need to know about attractions and interesting sites and you will love each and every one of them.

What should you focus on?

When you move to the new city, you should get to know it first. And the easiest way to do it is by seeing the most interesting places that the city has to offer. Once you move here, using the best moving companies NYC has to offer, you have to visit these places.

Fun things to do in West Point NY- the New York City cabs
West Point NY is an amazing place with lots of things to see and do

There are many types of places to see, depending on what kind of fun you enjoy:

  • Museums and historic sights can be great places for you to go out and meet new people, and in West Point NY, you need to see the museums, since they are amazing and diverse
  • If you like fine food, West Point NY is the place you will adore
  • Parks are amazing here and are definitely on the top of the list of the fun things to do in West Point NY
  • Any other kind of amusement you like, you will likely find a way to enjoy it here.

So, for all kinds of fun and culture, West Point is a great place for you. It has everything you can ask for. This is why you need to see as many things as you can.

Museums and historic sights are one of the greatest and most visited places from the list of fun things to do in West Point NY

If you are into museums, you will be glad to know that there are many in West Point NY, and they are pretty amazing. All of them are great for meeting people and seeing some really interesting historic places and artifacts. It’s even better to get to know your new neighbors and see these places together. It’s more fun that way.

West Point Museum is a really great place on the list of fun things to do in West Point NY

The West Point Museum is a museum of military-related artifacts. As a visitor, you will get to know some things about the military academy and the US army, so it’s a great place to go if you are interested in them. There are educational programs to help you understand how this work and you will love it. Fort Putnam is an addition to the museum ut it works sessonaly so you might not be able to get in it at first.

Fun things to do in West Point NY- a museum
If you like museums and the US Amy, this is just the place for you

Frederic V. Malek West Point Visitors Center

This place is just next to the West Point Museum and is a great place to visit if you are starting the Military Academy. You can visit with or without the tour guide. Videos of the cadet life are being played thought the day and you will be able to learn so much about the military way of life here.

Constitution Island

This is an important historic sight on the Hudson River. It is on the opposite side of the river from the US military academy. In case you are into US history, you will love this place. It’s a part of the US Military Academy Reservation. In the Hudson Vally, this is one of the oldest Revolutionary War fortifications. Some of the sights for you to see here are Martelaer’s Rock, Fort Constitution, and Warner House.

Places to dine in

If you like to try new or have a fine food for all your meals, you came to the right place. You will need money so you can try all of this food, so try to save on the move by getting a free moving estimate on the site. There are so many places to the east in West Point NY that you will have a new place for each day for a long time.

Food on the plate in the restaurant
If you like fine food, you will love the West Point NY

Andy’s restaurant

If you like to eat great food, Andy’s restaurant is your kind of place. Here you can enjoy great interior and great food as well. The food is amazing and the staff is great. Take a look at the reviews on their site to see how satisfied the customers are.

Zulu Time Rooftop

This is one of the most amazing restaurants. The food is amazing and the view on the Hudson River is just incredible. You will love it here since it’s nothing you can see every day.

Bear Mountain State Park

This park has everything you can ask for.¬†First of all, there are the gift shop and the restaurant you should visit as soon as you get here since they close pretty early.¬†There are many tracks for walking or running and there is the Hessian Lake as well. It’s truly an amazing place to visit.

Holleder Center

If you like sports, this is going to be your favorite place. Holleder Center is a sports center that is a home for hockey and basketball programs in West Point NY. For sports fans, it’s the number one place to see from the list of fun things to do in West Point NY.

Hockey players
If you are into hockey and basketball, make sure to see these games

If you decide to move to West Point NY, you will enjoy each and every day here. The list of fun things to do in West Point NY is huge and you will find something for yourself in no time.

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