Going green in your storage unit

Nowadays, it’s very in being ecologically illuminated, but what it actually means seems to confuse many people. One of the aspects of ecological awareness is definitely the use of waste materials. This is in addition to the classic recycling of paper that further creates recycled paper and cardboard packaging used for packing services. And we are all more or less familiar with this. However, there is all other waste that man creates, whether in the household or in manufacturing activities. With all this in mind – how are you going green in your storage unit? And more importantly, is it even possible?! Let’s see!

Going green in your storage unit – the right way

For the purpose of going green in your storage unit, you have to well, rent a storage unit from a moving company or have one. And it all starts with recycling household waste such as basic raw materials:

  • glass (glass bottles, jars),
  • metal (cans, metal lids),
  • batteries (from the smallest to largest)
  • and plastic (plastic bottles and plugs).

    freight - going green in your storage unit
    Going green in your storage unit – is it even possible?!

With this, you are probably familiar with recycling containers, especially if you live in a larger city. For those who live in a house with a garden, they have a great opportunity to recycle and waste (raw) food. This will create compost that can be used as a natural fertilizer for their seedlings. Of course, the general rule of recycling is to avoid any plastic bags and use paper ones, as they are biologically degradable. And of course, you can use a tote bag as an alternative.

Stop talking, start doing

Everyone is talking about global warming, protecting the environment, importance of ecological awareness, preservation of water, soil, protection of animals, etc. But keeping the planet green and talking about being ecologically aware are completely different things. The only thing you need to do is to make a little effort. First, you need the right kind of information. Being informed will help you know what is happening around you. Books and the Internet are good places for finding information, and they also provide a great deal of advice. Be sure to read scientific articles and facts, not those that express a personal opinion.

storage door
Trees can be grown and used in your storages and homes in the form of furniture, boxes or decorative objects.

Then, start thinking about what is the best way of going green in your storage unit. Can you change the light bulbs to eco-friendly ones? Maybe ask about the right waste disposal and cleaning from your moving company? Or maybe they have eco-friendly baskets and boxes that you can use. Stop talking about doing something and actually start doing it.

Wood product – is it really eco-friendly?

When it comes to wood products, the question is: how much is it actually ecological? On the one hand, wood is a natural material, and there are trends of returning back to nature and use as many natural materials as possible. On the other hand, precisely because it is a natural material it needs time to restore in nature. So there is a tendency to preserve the existing forests by prohibiting cutting or at least planning its exploitation. Accordingly, the wood is one of the materials whose use should be avoided if you want to be ecologically illuminated.

However, the thing is not so simple, it is not all black and white. There are certain tips for an eco-friendly move and some types of wood that grow slowly and should not be used if we want to preserve the forests. Other types of wood that grow rapidly, but are also of lesser quality. These trees can be grown and used in your storages and homes in the form of furniture, boxes or decorative objects.

Change your everyday habits

Small things can make a big difference. You do not have to give up everything you love. Find out what products you can replace with those that require less energy and production resources in your storage unit. With this step, you can reduce your imprint to the environment without reducing the quality of your life. Turn off the light when you leave the storage, even when you return to it in a few minutes. This action saves energy and fossil fuels, which are irreplaceable.

Small things can make a big difference when going green.

Also, you can use fluorescent and LED bulbs because they are more energy efficient than ordinary ones. Besides this, do not waste extra energy if you do not use it and you do not need it. During the summer, turn off the air conditioners in storage where you do not store any perishables or items that need special temperature. Turn off the radio while you move your items. You can do the same at home by limiting TV viewing to 2 hours per day (maximum!). And turn off your computer when you are not using it.

Think before you throw away something

Once you empty your storage or move your items into it, you will find many unused things that you want to throw away. But, stop before you do it. You can often reuse objects for some other purposes. If you look online, you will find many ways to reuse items, reduce the waste that you produce and how to recycle.

In the end – plant a tree

Is there anything better than creating and nurturing a new life? This project can become an interest for your entire family. Encourage younger generations to stay in nature and to be aware of nature.

Finally, we hope that you learned how going green in your storage unit is not very hard. All you need to do is make small changes in your life. In this way, you are also creating an example for others… And that’s the best eco-friendly advice you can take!

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