Guide to decorating a small apartment in Queens

So, you are moving with one of the moving companies Queens into a super apartment, but not that big. Decorating a small apartment in Queens can be tricky, but it’s an interesting challenge. After all, anyone can pile furniture into a giant penthouse, but it takes a smart decorator for a studio apartment to serve multiple functions. Here are some golden rules for making the most of your small space.

Tips for decorating a small apartment in Queens

Make it multipurpose

One of the easiest ways to maximize space is to buy furniture that serves multiple purposes: beds with storage boxes, ottomans that open to reveal storage space, and armchairs that, for example, convert into twin beds. You can find most of those things on websites such as Amazon. And if not, maybe you can find someone to make it for you. If you can imagine it, chances are someone will do it – and this multipurpose piece can serve your small space well.

Put some mirror on the wall

Interior decorators have a secret weapon when they need to enlarge a room: mirrors! Decorating with mirrors helps reflect light and create rooms that look like they go on forever. Replace cabinet doors with mirrored ones, hang decorative mirrors on the walls, and opt for dining and coffee tables with glass tops.

Mirrors for decorating a small apartment in Queens
You can also use unusually shaped mirrors for decorating a small apartment in Queens

Define functional areas

When decorating a one-room apartment or an especially small room, it can be difficult to separate the living area from the dining area from the bedroom. Arrange furniture so that functional areas are clearly marked. Using partitions such as folding screens and other creative partitioning ideas can make your small space look like a large apartment.

Keep it light

An easy way to enhance your small apartment is to decorate it in light colors. Use different shades of color to brighten things up, but always go for a lighter shade. It’s also wise to limit yourself to two primary colors and one accent color so that your apartment doesn’t look crowded. A simple black and white color scheme work wonders too.

Manage the clutter

While talking about feeling overflowing with color, you also need to beware of clutter congestion. Smart storage is essential when decorating a small apartment, and knick-knacks should be kept to a minimum in a small space. Allocate storage space so you can easily stow away and save space. And if you are moving to a smaller apartment, think about leaving some items behind. So, before your Westchester movers arrive to pick up your things, think about what you will need in your new small Queens apartment.

Try tall tables

Here’s a quick and easy tip. Tall furniture will make your space more elevated. Choose tables, chairs, and sofas with longer legs, as short, squat furniture can make the space cramped. Pub tables are a great decoration option.

Show your space

Let there be light! Many of us are uncomfortable with uncovered windows, but you should resist the urge to hang heavy window coverings that block too much light. Your apartment will appear brighter and larger if you keep the windows uncovered. Choose blinds or curtains that you can keep open during the day and close at night for privacy.

Watch the scale

Finding the right furniture for a small apartment can be tricky. Fortunately, there are companies that make special furniture in smaller sizes, perfect for living in an apartment.

Small furniture
Choosing the right small furniture can open up a whole new way of decorating your home

The main thing to remember when decorating a small apartment in Queens is to have fun. Decorating a tiny space requires more creativity and gives you the ability to think outside the box. Be creative and make your small apartment a cozy place.


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