Guide to moving from NYC to Jersey City for love

There are many different reasons why people decide to move. Some move for a business, better working and living conditions. The global pandemic brought large migration thought the world. Some of the most usual reasons for moving included looking for better positions. Even big cities such as New York were not immune to people moving out of it. One of the most popular destinations to move from NYC in the last couple of months is definitely Jersey City. Also, some people decide to move here for a very romantic reason, and that is love. But certainly, to have a successful move is not possible without the help of moving companies in Queens. With reliable movers, moving can be a pretty pleasant experience. Apart from movers, another suggestion is to start with preparing for the relocation on time. In this article, read about moving from NYC to Jersey City for love.

Why moving from NYC to Jersey City

Your answer might be of course for love. But there are several other benefits you might have by moving to Jersey City. First of all, this city is way smaller than Ney York, which means that you will still be living in a city, but in a not so hectic area. But whenever you feel like visiting NYC, it is just a drive away from you. Secondly, no matter the city is smaller, there are still many job opportunities that both you and your partner can experience. Therefore, even before you hire Jersey City movers, you can start applying for a job online. This way you are definitely increasing the chances to get a better position if you have regular interviews for a job. Also, your beloved person can help you with various job suggestions.

moving from NYC to Jersey City for love
Jersey City is quieter and more affordable than NYC

First downsizing, then packing

Since in Jersey City the costs of living are lower than in Ney York, you may afford to rent a bigger house or apartment. You can definitely have a larger space.

But that does not mean that you need to pack literally everything you have. Instead, make sure to downsize as much as possible. In addition, if you will be moving in with your partner, then you definitely must downsize. For large items hire packing services NYC. Professional packers will, first of all, disassemble the large furniture such as bunk beds, built-in closets, etc. For the rest of the items, get some cardboard boxes of different sizes. You will need some additional packing materials when moving from NYC to Jersey City for love. Stickers, scissors, packing tape and lots of bubble wrap. Since you will be bringing some documents in case you are getting married, get some special binders.

a couple packing furniture
You should downsize the possessions before moving from NYC to Jersey City for love

Some of the best parts for moving from NYC to Jersey City for love

When choosing one of the most popular neighborhoods, start with a list of popular areas around Jersey City.

When you have this list in front of yourself, start the research of the places. In addition, if you are planning to expand your family soon, make sure to find the best neighborhood that will suit your family. One such area is the Jersey City Waterfront. It has a great romantic walk along the Hudson River and has amazing views of the Lower Manhattan Skyline. Also, the Statue of Liberty is just a glimpse away from the river walk. Downtown Jersey City became the epicenter of nightlife. There are many shops, bars, restaurants, and other small businesses. Other popular places that you can move to in Jersey City are:

  • The Heights
  • Journal Square
  • Union City
  • North Bergen
  • Hoboken

How to save on your relocation

Since you will be leaving New York and moving to Jersey City, it will reflect on your budget. You should pay attention to it and plan your budget accordingly. Depending on the situation, you can maybe move but keep working remotely on your old job. In case you will be looking for a new job, you need to save some money on your move. Try to get some free moving boxes. But make sure the boxes are in good shape. Also, use some old blankets, towels, and newspapers to protect your items. In addition, ask your partner and friends to help you with packing. Take as few days of work as possible, to save on your relocation. Having people around you to help you will speed up moving preparation. You can settle in a safe and affordable community and enjoy your new Jersey City life thanks to love.

a walk in the park by the river
You can enjoy beautiful walks by the river

Get to know the place well

It is important to inform yourself when moving from NYC to Jersey City for love. There are numerous places where you can cherish your relationship. If you and your partner are foodies, Jersey City is a dream come true. There is cuisine from all around the world which you can explore at Jersey City Waterfront. Some of the best restaurants you can explore online. There are Indian, Mexican, Chinese, and other kitchens that you can taste here. After getting some tasty bites, you can then catch up on the portion of the great city nightlife. For this reason, visit White Eagle Hall. Here you can hear some great musical acts. During the daytime, you can enjoy some long walks in Lincoln Park. Another popular attraction is at Liberty State Park. There are many other popular parks, that the city is constantly renovating.

Moving from NYC to Jersey City for love is really one of the most beautiful reasons to do so. The place is not far away from the Big Apple, so you can pop up any time you feel like it. Also, there are many affordable apartments to rent. In addition, for those couples planning to start a family, there are family-friendly neighborhoods. The place has many popular schools. Apart from being affordable, the area is very safe for living in. It has a low crime rate. Therefore, you will quickly find a job, enjoy long walks and nice restaurants, and the great nightlife of Jersey City.


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