Guide to moving plants to a new home in West Point

Plants are an irreplaceable part of any home. The excitement and pride that you feel when your plants bloom and grow is something that plant lovers are hooked on and for a reason. We know that you want your plants to arrive at your new home. This is precisely the reason for creating this useful guide to moving plants to a new home in West Point. Moving plants is not that much different than relocating your home, as it may take a few weeks of your time, but in the end, it is worth every second. Movers West Point NY are here to help you move everything that you need, so you can focus on your plants.

moving plants to a new home in West Point - three pots with plants on a table with a couch behind
When moving plants to a new home in West Point, make sure you have enough space to accommodate them.

Will you have enough space for your plants?

Before you begin relocating your plants to West Point, ask yourself this question. Sometimes, it happens that we simply do not have room for our leafy friends, and this is okay. If you are moving into a small apartment, calculate where your furniture will go exactly. Then, you can ask your friends or family members to take them if they have enough space. But, most importantly, they should really be plant lovers who will water them regularly and take care of them. You do not want to give up on your plants, just to see them wither and die in a few months.

What should you do before moving your plants to a new home in West Point?

There are several steps that you should follow before you begin moving plants to a new home in West Point. If you follow them, the chances are much higher your plants will survive the trip, no matter how short or long it is. For all your other items, the Staten Island movers you do not have to worry, they will gladly take care of everything.

  • Three weeks before the move – If your plants are in clay pots, you need to transfer the plants to plastic pots. The reason for this is quite simple, the clay pots are likely to break. Plastic pots, on the other hand, are much more endurable and will survive the trip.
  • Two weeks before the move – Prune the plants, remove all the dead leaves. This is especially important for larger plants. They will not burn their energy on the dead leaves anymore, and if you prune them they will be easier to transport.
  • A week before the move – Take a good look at your plants, and see if they have any insects, or parasites for example. If you treat it, they will survive the move.
  • Two to three days before the move – Water your plants. This is vital, because if you do it before they can dry in the meantime. And if you do it one day before the move or on the day of the move, the plants will be too heavy and the water can ruin your backseat.
a plant in a see-through vase with water
Re-pot the plants from the clay pots to the plastic ones, as it will prevent damage.

Choose the transportation method

When moving plants to a new home in West Point, it is important to choose the transportation method that suits you best. It all depends on how many items you have to transport, and how far away are you from your dream house.

  • Via moving company – Before you decide to ship via a moving company, check if they offer this service. Plants are usually among the prohibited items your  NY movers won`t move. However, some moving companies will accept to move your plants if a journey will take less than a day.
  • Via post – If you did not know, you can send your plants via post as well. Make sure to label the boxes with plants accordingly, and send them to your new address.
  • In a car – The most common way to transport your plants to a new home is by car. We will explain exactly how you should position them so that they survive the trip. With the right organization and with following the steps from above, everything will be just fine.

How to protect your plants during the move?

The best thing you can do is to place the plants in the right-sized boxes. Take small, large and medium cardboard boxes. Move the plants which you already placed in plastic pots inside the boxes. Use bubble wrap to fill in empty space to avoid any moving inside the box.

When you place your plants in the car, make sure that they are not in the trunk. Place them in the backseat, or in the front seat when moving plants to a new home in West Point. Make sure that they have plenty of light if the species love light. If this is not the case, cover them with a light material, and position them so that they are not facing the sun. Check out on them a few times during the trip, and re-adjust them if needed.

cacti in white pots with a white surface behind them
Once you arrive at your home, leave your plants in the hallway to adjust to the house temperature.

After the move

The move is not over once you get to the final destination. As soon as you arrive, take care of your plants first. They are living organisms,  and need time to adjust. Enter them inside the house and adjust the temperature they need. For the first few hours, they should be in the hallway, to adjust to the house temperature. After that, you will be able to re-pot your plants from the plastic pots to the clay pots again.

Whatever you do, and in whichever phase of the move you are, do everything with love. It is a proven thing that if you talk to your plants, they recover better. Moving plants to a new home in West Point is not that hard, you just need some time and organization skills. Good luck!

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