Guide to renting an apartment in Sunnyside

As you know, life in NYC is one of the most amazing things that can happen to you. The city is so big and colorful, like a completely different country compared to other cities in the USA. The city itself is divided into five boroughs, which have neighborhoods of their own. How to decide in which borough and neighborhood to live in? Well, there is really no right answer to this question. Each neighborhood has its own perks, therefore the decision will only be yours. If you live in Queens and are just changing neighborhoods, call any of the Queens movers to help you out with the move. If you consider renting an apartment in Sunnyside, we hope the following article will help you find out things you did not know about this area.

About Sunnyside

Sunnyside is the neighborhood in the western part of the borough of Queens. You can get there in 15 minutes from Grand Central if you catch the train number 7. The neighborhood mostly consists of low-rise buildings, so if this is your preference, you should be renting an apartment in Sunnyside. The area is ethnically very diverse, and old residents say that it has a very intimate feel. Rent is very affordable, but in recent years more and more people are moving here. This resulted in rent going higher, as the need for apartments got bigger. Once you find the apartment you want to rent, you will need reliable movers to help you out. Who better to call for a local move than movers Sunnyside NY.

The Grand Central station
Sunnyside is just 15 minutes away from Grand Central if using a train 7

Fun facts to know if you plan to rent an apartment in Sunnyside

Have you heard of the Sunnyside Gardens? It makes a great portion of the neighborhood and is actually a groundbreaking planned community. It was built in the 1920s for working-class people, and it has been recognized today as a historic district. This community includes the private Sunnyside Gardens Park, a member-only park where neighbors meet, play, and socialize. One of the famous jazz musicians who lived here was Bix Beiderbecke, an American jazz cornetist, pianist, and composer. People who lived here all their lives will be able to show you some landmarks of the area such as Wendy’s and Coventry, which are on the opposite sides of Queens Boulevard. Wendy’s was once a boxing arena, from the ’40s to the ’70s. Coventry was a Queens version of CBGB, which opened actually before the real CBGB. It was a place where a lot of great bands and musicians played.

Best time of the year for renting an apartment in Sunnyside

You will probably not be surprised if we tell you that spring and summer are the most popular seasons for relocation. The offer of apartments will be wider but it will also be pricier. As we already mentioned, the reason why the rents in Sunnyside are going up is that more and more people want to move there. Especially in the warm seasons, a lot of people simply flock here. It takes a lot of calculation when you are renting a place in Sunnyside, but those are all the perks of moving to a large city. If this move is something you have time to contemplate, it is better to start saving money in advance. This way you will not feel the impact on your budget, once you find the right apartment for you.

Low rise buildings as a good reason for renting an apartment in Sunnyside
The best offer of apartments will be in spring and summer

If you want to live in a small, diverse, and intimate area, Sunnyside is a great neighborhood for you. It has been made popular in recent years, but it has not lost its feel. There are interesting landmarks and places to visit, and amusing stories to hear from the locals. The best offer of apartments is in the summer and spring when the prices go up. The majority of the neighborhood’s architecture is low rise buildings, which add up to the general feel of the area. If all of this sounds appealing to you, then you should definitely move and rent an apartment in Sunnyside.


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