Guide to storing your Halloween decorations

Halloween is a celebration of all our saints, bringing whole families and friends together for fun times and scary stories. But, what will you do once it is over and now you end up with all those Halloween decorations? Packing and storing them doesn’t have to be a scary story. Let us tell you more about storing your Halloween decorations so you won’t have to worry about it. Just read our article and you will find out everything there is to it.

Storing your Halloween decorations – first steps

Depending on what kind of Halloween decorations you have, you will make a different approach to this problem. If your decorations are made out of textiles then you would want to wash them before packing them. Did you know that you can use vacuum bags in these situations? You can save up to 70% space when packing for storage. This can help you a lot if you have some amount of decorations to pack.

Once you pack it, you would want to transport it safely to the storage unit. Halloween decorations are not always cheap. They can be expensive so you would want to keep them safe. This means that you need good moving companies Stamford CT to help you move them. Only then you can know that your Halloween decorations are transported safely.

Clean and wash everything

As we said earlier, you should wash every textile decoration and costumes you have. As far as other decorations go, you will have to clean them. Most of the time you can wipe them with a wet cloth. Just remember to dry them out afterward. They do not require any special kind of maintenance so you won’t have any issues cleaning them.

washed clothes you will use when storing your Halloween decorations
Wash any costumes before storing your Halloween decorations

Cleaning these decorations for storage is just one of the tasks you need to complete, especially when moving to Queens. It will help you with your relocation and you won’t have to stress out over small things.

Get rid of some you don’t need

Some Halloween decorations should not be packed. Depending on what kind of materials they are made of, they won’t last being stored for too long. This is why you can organize a garage sale and sell them. Someone will surely buy them and you will earn some extra cash.

A sign that says garage sale
A garage sale is a perfect place to get rid of some items you do not need

When it comes to washing costumes you need to be extra careful when handling them. Make sure you use proper washing detergent and other chemicals. It will help you keep them in the best condition for packing.

Gather proper packing materials

It is important to remember not to pack them in used and old cardboard boxes. Especially if you have expensive decorations you plan to use next year. Instead, always opt for placits or wooden crates, bins. They are sturdy and will protect your items until next Halloween. These decorations are not something you will use every day, so you would want to pack them in the best way possible. Sometimes packing is not that easy. You can easily stress out over it. This is when you can count on good packing services CT. Leave the packing process to the pros so you won’t have to stress out when it comes to it.

These are the best tips and tricks on storing your Halloween decorations. Once you have read them, you will know exactly how to do it, and not worry about their quality once you store them. We are happy if we helped you with your packing process.

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