Home decluttering tips and tricks

Whether you are moving to a new home, or just want to make some space in your old one, home decluttering is very important. Not only will it give you more space to live in, but you can even earn some money! And psychologists say that decluttering our homes have multiple benefits on our mental state. In this article, we will discuss why it is good to do it as well as how to do it properly!

Why is home decluttering important

When we live in a home that is filled with clutter, there is not much living space. And how time passes, that space is only getting smaller and smaller. In the end, we end up with almost no space to live in. And those are just extreme cases. If you decided that it is time for some home decluttering than you are on your way for a better life. So, what are the benefits of decluttering your place?

A woman believing in herself after Home decluttering
There are many psychological benefits of home decluttering

Well first things first, you will have more space to live in. Also, there are a bunch of health benefits. Those spaces covered with clutter are hard to reach when you are cleaning. This is a good place for mold and pests to thrive. Making your life unhealthy and unsanitary! So, there’s that point. Psychologists say that the first step of making our life better is to take control of the place we live in. You should always start by cleaning your room and then the rest of the house.

There are other financial reasons why home decluttering is good. For example, you can save money when you decide it is time to relocate. How? Easy! More items you have to transport, the higher the overall cost of the moving. If you don’t have that many items to carry you can easily hire affordable and reliable movers NJ.

Make a list of your items

The very first step in home decluttering is making an inventory list of your items. This is a very important part because it gives us an insight into things we have in our home. And after you have made the list, you will be amazed and awed on how much items you have that you don’t actually use. Also, it leaves a psychological effect seeing all those items on the list, and not on the floor, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Now you know what you have and what to do with it.

Marker checking squares
It is important to make a list of items you have

Decluttering is important because it relieves us from stress. Especially when it comes to relocation. People who do not declutter before moving to tend to have a very stressful moving day. They simply can’t pack everything in time, and more importantly, safely, for their transportation. Decluttering your home is just one of the ways to deal with stress when relocating! And it will surely help you a lot after the relocation is done!

Categorize your items

After you are done with the inventory list, it is time to categorize them. There are several ways you can do it, but one way is certainly the best. You must make a list of non-frequently uses items! These items are the ones that cause that much clutter and trouble in your home. Now, when you categorize them either by kitchen items, bathroom items, bedroom items, etc, make sure you haven’t used them in a while, and don’t plan to do it for a while.

Colored categorized squares
Categorizing items makes it easier to declutter your home

The benefits of home decluttering are more than awesome! And even science can tell you that you should do it on a regular basis! Google the internet for more reasons why decluttering is healthy for you and good for your home!

Getting rid of the items

Once done with these not simple at all tasks, it is prime time to get rid of those items. And there are several ways you can do it. So let us discuss them in the following:

  • Throwing them away – This is just one of the ways of home decluttering you can use to clear out your home. Yes, it is not as beneficial as other ways, but still, you will have more room to live in.
  • Donating them to the charity or giving them as gifts. This is one of the most satisfying ways to get rid of your items. Donating them to the people in need is simply the best thing ever. Not only you are getting rid of those items, but also you are helping someone with them. Also, you can repay your friends if they ever did something for you, by giving them something they could use, and you don’t!
  • Organizing a yard sale – This is one of those ways that need time and patience to organize. Yes, it will take some time to do it, but you will sell the items you do not need! Also, you will earn money for doing it! The money you can use to remodel your home or get some better moving service from your moving company!
A yard sale
A yard sale is a good way to get rid of items you don’t need anymore

Remember, just because you get some extra cash doesn’t mean that every moving company is good! Some of them can’t wait to rob you in their own way, with hidden fees.  Figure out the ways to avoid moving scams if you wish to make a good relocation!

To conclude

These are just some of the basic home decluttering tips & tricks you can use in your daily life! They will certainly help you get some free space in your home, as well as earning some money! If you did this before, feel free to share your thoughts about this! Any piece of advice you can give us, we will cherish it! We hope to hear from you anytime soon!

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