How to add value to your Queens home

There is a lot of benefits to adding value to your home. This is especially true if you are looking to add value to your Queens home. NYC homes are generally some of the most expensive in the country and by adding value to your home through different improvements you can make it even more expensive if you are looking to sell it. In that case, remember that you ought to find moving services Queens NY to arrange a quick and easy move. Trust us, movers are always better than DIYing the process.

That said, in this article, we are going to talk about exactly that. Some of the things we are going to mention fall in the category of cheaper, some of them are more expensive. Regardless of the price tag, they are totally worth it if you truly want to add value to your home. Also, if you don’t want to sell it, you can always enjoy what you’ve done with the place and simply be proud that you did. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Decluttering is one way to add value to your Queens home

If you started looking around your home right now, chances are that you would find a significant quantity of useless junk that is stashed somewhere in the ethos of your home. That said, you can always use junk removal services to get rid of that. However, there is a problem – you need to find all the junk and pack it up. This can be and is a very time-consuming effort. However, it’s well worth your while. Let us explain why.

Selling your home can be done in two ways. You can either sell it:

  • Empty – without any furniture, appliances, etc.
  • Set – with all of the stuff included in the purchase
Decluttering is an easy and free method to add value to your Queens home.

While both of those options are fair since you are going to list it as empty or set, the value significantly increases if you are selling a set home. However, no one is going to buy it if it’s so cluttered that you can’t open the front or any other door in the home. Also, people aren’t going to spend money on junk removal services if they are already paying for a home. So, how is this going to end? Well, they are going to go somewhere else and buy another home. If you want to prevent that, make sure that you decluttered.

Do a paint job for an easy and cheap solution

A paint job is the easiest and by far the cheapest way to add value to your Queens home. A few layers of paint can really impact the selling value of your home. But, that is not the only thing! If you don’t want to sell it, the fresh-looking walls will make you fall in love with your home once again. It will reaffirm the reason why you bought it in the first place.

Painting your home fresh will add value for sure.

The additional positive side of this is that you can do it yourself or with a friend. It’s going to be a fun project that you can enjoy, either by yourself or with somebody you care about. So, think about that!

Think about adding a built-in storage

While decluttering and painting can be highly affordable ways to add value to your unit before going on the market, there are also several pricier fixes that can yield a high return. Adding storage is nearly always a strategic way to add value to your Queens home, especially if you can find ways to add storage without compromising the apartment’s square footage.

Of course, you and/or the potential buyer could always go for the storage Queens option. And that is a great idea since you can rest assured that your excess items are safe and sound, but also available at a moment’s notice. However, when you have some things that you use, but not that often, it’s good to have built-in storage. This will significantly boost the value of your home at a reasonable price.

Refinish that wood floor if you want to add value to your Queens home

Ripping out your carpet and going with the hardwood floor is another way to add value to your Queens home. Even though most units underwent this update by the 1990s, it is still not uncommon for older sellers to have wall-to-wall carpeting in one or all of their rooms. The bad news is that there is nothing worse than wall-to-wall carpeting if your goal is to attract contemporary buyers.

People are loving the hardwood more and more!

However, the good news is that if you’re unit still has its original hardwood hiding somewhere under these carpets, it may be in excellent condition and simply ripping out the carpets will add considerable value to your unit. Even if the hardwood under the carpets has seen better days, however, sellers are well-advised to do away with any remaining floor coverings.

Remodeling the bathroom and kitchen are also an option

If your bathroom or kitchen immediately evokes any decade other than the current decade, you may want to consider remodeling. The decision to remodel, however, can be difficult. What is not difficult is contacting residential movers to arrange a move after you’ve sold your home. Many homeowners prefer to select their own tiles, faucets, and appliances. However, if your bathroom’s most notable features cracked tiles or mold, a moderately priced renovation is likely well-advised. After all, while many buyers can live with a set of tiles that don’t match their aesthetic, any sign that the apartment is in poor repair or a potential health hazard will severely impact your resale price.

Before you start doing anything, you have to know how to estimate home renovation costs. Only after you are familiar with that can you move on to actually doing anything. But, you can always declutter and repaint the entire home. This is not something that is going to break the bank. So, don’t hesitate to do it if you want to add value to your Queens home.


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