How to arrange bulky items in a storage unit

Moving to a new home, downsizing, or simply clearing some clutter? You must know how to organize a storage unit efficiently. Therefore, you’ll be able to store extra furniture, get summer clothes out of the way, and hide that extra washer. Firstly, you’ll need to find reliable moving and storage Queens NY. Read on to find out how to arrange bulky items in a storage unit, protect them from damage and maximize your storage space.

Preparations before arranging bulky items in a storage unit

Before you find out how to arrange bulky items in a storage unit, you need to get your storage space ready. Firstly, make sure storage solutions are fitting your needs.

You need to make a list of the thing you plant to store. Make two copies, one for the storage unit, and one to keep at home. This way you’ll always know what you stored and how much space is left. The next thing would be to clean before arranging bulky items in a storage unit, if empty. If not, go over your stored items, and declutter first.

Make sure you have enough space in the storage

Before you book a storage unit, you need to double-check that your belongings will fit. Then you can start to think about how to arrange bulky items in a storage unit. You want to avoid any possible problems and end up with the wrong size unit and stuff that won’t fit.

A concrete path with green storage units on both sides on a clear blue day.
Make sure you have the right size storage unit.

Create a list of all the bulky items you plan to store. Remember to leave the space for boxes smaller items and boxes if necessary. Try to visualize how much space these items will take up. Then compare it to the designated space. If not, you may need a larger unit. Or think about getting rid of some stuff.

Cleaning and protecting for the arrangement of bulky items in a storage unit

Depending on how long do you plan to store the items, you must take some measures to preserve them. Keep in mind the environmental impact. Storage units can be humid, or extra dry, dusty, all of which can heavily damage your belongings. Even the smallest scratch or peace of filth can become problematic. Make sure to:

  • Wash fabric surfaces and remove any stains. Afterwards, make sure that they are fully dry.
  • Clean and wax wood furniture.
  • Wipe down leather furniture with a gentle soap or a leather cleaner.
  • Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of appliances. If applicable, run the last wash cycle with bleach or vinegar.

You can always hire professional disposal and cleaning services and leave it to the professionals

Make an inventory of what you’re taking

Before you actually move your stuff and come to the part of arranging your bulky items in a storage unit, make an inventory list. Write down what’s being moved and include as many details as you can.

  • For appliances and electronics, write down model specifications and warranty details if any.
  • Short description of the item, including the description of its state.
  • For expensive items, write down their estimated monetary value and the date (for insurance purposes in case of theft)
  • How, where, and when you packed the item.
  • The name and address of the storage unit.

Packing bulky items for your storage unit

Take extra care as you pack your bulky items for storage before arranging them. One important thing to remember is to avoid plastic packing materials. Unless it’s a protecting bubble wrap for a lamp or picture frame. Otherwise, plastic wrappers can airlock the item and lead to mildew. Instead, cover your bulky items loosely with blankets, drop cloths, or old sheets. For more delicate items, you might need to tape protection. Be careful not to tape directly onto the item. You can always check long distance movers Queens for tips and tricks on packing.

Man and a woman carrying a large box.
Protecting and packing your bulky items is very important.

Different large items require different packing techniques. For instance, electronics or appliances. Both require special care and preparations before packing such as cleaning, protecting, or disassembling. Any step that you skip can be problematic if you plan on using the item again or selling them.

How to organize large items in a storage unit

Now that you packed your bulky items for the storage unit, you need to learn how to organize storage. There are multiple ways to keep your storage unit in order, so choose a way that is the best fit for your needs.

Organize storage by priority

This is where our inventory list will come in handy. Go through the list and highlight what you may need in the near future.

If you are moving, and the storage unit is only temporary, decide if you are going to take stuff little by little, or everything at once. If you are taking stuff from the storage over the course of several days or weeks, you should first load the stuff you plan on unpacking the last. The same goes for long-term storage.

However, if you are taking everything at once, arrange bulky items in a storage unit the opposite way. To explain, You should load items in such a way, that when you are unloading them at your final destinations, you will have easy access to the things you’ll need the most.

Organize storage with descriptive labels

The labels are a must-have when it comes to arranging bulky items in a storage unit. Be careful to make your labels as specific as possible. For instance, labels like “kids room” are not very specific. You could end up with four or five different kids’ room items, but not being able to identify them further. Instead, make labels with a simple list of contents. Instead of “kids room,” write down “changing table, crib, kids bike” etc.

A box with a label and a cutter on the side on a wooden floor.
Descriptive labeling can save you a lot of time in the future before you arrange bulky items in a storage unit.

Organize storage by creating a map

This one is a lifesaver. Before making yourself arrange bulky items in a storage unit, draw a map of your storage space. As soon as you successfully place your stuff, draw a map where exactly everything is. Make sure to draw a pathway throughout the storage unit so you can easily access what you need. Keep two copies of your map, alongside your inventory list.

Best way to arrange bulky items in a storage unit

Once you prepared, cleaned, and organized your belongings and storage unit, you can begin placing new bulky items. This part will require some puzzle skills.

Start at the bottom

The best way to maximize space in your storage space is to start from the bottom. Put your sturdiest and heaviest items on the bottom layer. Then stack up, putting your lightest items on top. Just remember to leave a path to walk through your storage and to keep necessary items easily accessible.

Install shelves before arranging bulky items in a storage unit

Did you know you can install shelves in your storage unit? You can purchase hanging shelves and drill them into the wall. Or acquire large plastic or metal shelves that stand on the ground. This can help organize and place large or oddly shaped items that can’t be packed inside the box.

Have these tips in mind when the time comes to arrange bulky items in a storage unit and the whole process may be a little easier. Also, be sure to check some storage maintenance tips in order to avoid any damage to your belongings.


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