How to burn calories when moving

You can burn a lot of calories during the moving process. Even if you hired Jersey City movers to do most of the work for you, you will still have plenty of things to do yourself. In order to burn calories when moving the best way, you will want to have the least amount of rest. You may also want to move up and down the stairs a lot. All in all, you will be burning them passively. However, with some sound advice, the number of calories burned can be maximized!

Best ways to burn calories when moving

Here are the four simple points that will help in your caloric endeavors:

  • Packing process will burn calories
  • How many boxes can you pack in one hour?
  • Carrying furniture will burn calories when moving
  • Moving up the stairs!
The packing and unpacking process will burn a lot of calories.

Packing process will burn calories

Even if you don’t think about it, the packing process itself is a great calorie-burner. You will be constantly using your hands and moving from one item to another. For best results try not to stop at all until you’ve packed everything. The more you go without rest, the more calories you will burn. Some of the movers Jamaica NY started giving out this advice to prospective movers, it is really effective!

How many boxes can you pack in one hour?

And with that in mind, try making a small game out of it. Try to pack as many boxes as you can within one hour. Then try to top that, without taking many breaks in between. If you need further incentive, treat yourself to something that you like only if you top the previous “score”. This simple, yet effective technique will help you immensely. However, you can, by all means, go easy on yourself and hire packing services for your upcoming move, as there are plenty of other ways you can achieve your goal.

Carrying furniture will burn calories when moving

Of course, if you end up moving all of your furniture, that will help your calorie count, as well. However, it may seem that it is highly effective since you tire faster and are carrying heavier stuff. It is not, unfortunately. While it will help in the process, you can achieve the best results if you don’t stop doing something. Try to include furniture moving in the process. Whenever you don’t have something to do or need to think of something, lug a bit of furniture! Again, the whole point in calorie burning is that the more you are active without rest, the more calories you burn. There is also a correlation between sleep and calories to consider, as well.

You will definitely burn some calories if you are planning to carry some of your furniture on your own.

Moving up the stairs!

And, the best for last, stairs are simply made for burning calories. Try to move up and down as much as you can endure and you will see results in no time. The good rule of thumb is, if you are winded and breathing heavily, you are burning a lot of calories. Just don’t overdo it!

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