How to clean and sanitize your office before and after moving

Your office, or if you are a business owner, office space of your whole company, is a place where many people will pass through the working days. Therefore, there is always some concern about the hygiene of the place and exactly how to keep it all clean. However, once you deal with moving, it is a whole lot more difficult to clean and keep everything sanitized. Worse, it is also more important! In these times especially, it is important to sanitize your office before and after moving. That way you are protecting yourself and your workers or coworkers from diseases during this trying time. Therefore, we made this article to help you through this process.

You have to prepare to sanitize your office before and after moving

When you are having your office moved by any from anywhere, be it with movers Woodside NY or those from LA, you will have to deal with the fact that all of that relocation will result in some dirt and dust getting around. It is the simple nature of relocation. Furthermore, all of those surfaces that are perpetually covered in dust and dirt, such as the backs of wardrobes and bottoms of rugs, will now see the light of day!

All in all, the cleaning of one’s office is pretty important, both before moving and after. By doing it before the relocation you are making sure that all the items of your office come into their new location being pristine, and sometimes you even prevent damage! After, sanitizing and cleaning is important since you will have to use the office, especially during a pandemic like in the case of 2020/2021. Therefore, let us prepare for the process.

sanitize your office before and after moving - washing hands
Be prepared before you sanitize your office before and after moving

So, let’s review what you will need:

  • Gloves – First off, in order to stay safe while you sanitize your office before and after moving, you will need to wear gloves. If you are working in tandem with someone, you should also wear a mask. By having gloves you protect yourself from all the dirt and possible infections you will encounter during the sanitation process.
  • Soap and disinfectants – Soap and water is the go-to solution for a reason. It works on a lot of surfaces and will eliminate most microbial life.
  • Prepare for the high touch surfaces – There are a lot of surfaces that experience intense contact and frequent use. Tables, doorknobs, light switches, and such.

In these times especially, disinfect!

It is clear to everyone that disinfection is pretty important. That is why we are now going to address exactly how you should go about disinfecting your offices after the commercial moving companies NYC relocation. First and foremost, be sure that there is good ventilation and that you are protected. Presuming that you have done all the prerequisite protection, you can go further. Always try to avoid mixing chemical products and be sure to read the label and the instructions it provides. Avoid touching eyes and keep the surfaces wet for a period of time. Never eat when disinfecting.

Doing laundry

If you have any linens in the office that your New York movers are relocating, you will have to clean them too. Most linens have manufacturers’ instructions on them. Therefore you can simply follow the instruction on the appropriate water setting. Just in case it is infected, be sure not to shake the laundry and that any laundry you know is infected is being washed separately.

What about carpets and rugs?

Most often, before shipping them via moving companies Stamford CT, rugs and carpets can be vacuumed and that would be enough. However, if you are trying to disinfect those services, you will need a little bit more care.

carpet pattern
Sanitizing your carpets is important

Carpeted floors and rugs should be cleaned with detergents that are appropriate for them, most often specified in the manufacturer’s labor. However, since they are soft, they are not easy to disinfect, and you will need a lot of care and drying time. Be sure to get the concentration level and application method right!

How to handle electronics

There is two way you can clean your electronics, and it widely depends on exactly what kind of electronics we are talking about. When you aim to sanitize your office before and after moving, electronics matter quite a bit since them being clean, inside and out, is very important if you want them to be useful. If the appliance or a smart device is dirty, it can increase the chance of damage during relocation. Furthermore, in the pandemic season, these kinds of items receive the most contact and are spreaders.

electronics, notepads and wallets
Sanitizing electronics matters

The first way of cleaning is for smart devices, such as phones and notebooks. You should simply wipe the surfaces, screens especially, with an alcohol-based solution made for that purpose. Sprays and wipes should have at least 70% alcohol. Once that is done you are pretty much good to go. However, the second way is for appliances such as various coffee machines, printers, and even pcs. These should be disassembled and cleaned with care for each part. Also use alcohol-based solutions here, especially when dealing with computers. This is because alcohol will not only clean but evaporate fairly easily, leaving your electronics dry after cleaning.

How to handle having someone sick in the office

If you find out that someone was sick, be sure to close off the area that he or she worked in. Wait 24 hours, or at least as long as possible, before going about the cleaning. Wear protection and don’t clean while people are around.

We hope that our handbook on exactly how to clean and sanitize your office before and after moving has helped you. Now, let us summarise by reminding you to regularly check the CDC guidelines for fighting the pandemic. Furthermore, always be prepared for cleaning with the proper tools. This is not something that will be done successfully on improvisation alone. Make sure you are prepared for all that the

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