How to compare moving companies

If you have made a final decision to move, then there is only one thing left to do. Find the right moving company! But, with all the good offers moving companies have, it can be really hard to choose one. This is why we decided to talk about the ways to compare moving companies and what to look for in one! All you have to do is continue reading our article and find out everything you need to know!

Steps to take before you compare moving companies

When you are looking around for reliable movers NYC you need to take care of a couple of things first. And the first and the most important step is to make a plan and decide on a budget. Both those things will heavily influence your choice of moving company. The best moving company you can find will fulfill all of your needs. Just like any other professional, a good moving company is ready and willing to help you relocate to your new home, at the best moving rate possible.

Movers helping a woman
Compare moving companies by knowing how much help they can offer

While all of your wishes must be fulfilled, you also have to be realistic about them. If you wish to know how to compare moving companies you need to analyze their services and moving costs. This will give you enough information on their work and professionalism.

Start with their customer service

Every good moving company will have excellent customers service! With pleasant people at the end of the line who are more than ready to answer all your questions. They do understand how tiring and tough the moving process is, so they are very professional at their work. When you call the moving companies customers service, don’t forget to ask them everything you want to know. Starting with basic questions like are they available and when, what is the price, what kind of services they offer, etc. The nice lady or a man behind the line will gladly give you the answers to your questions. And, at the same time, guide you through the whole moving process as well!

Women of customers service - compare moving companies by calling them
Customers service should always be pleasant and helpful!

While you are on the phone with the customer’s service, there are also other questions you need to ask them. Make sure you know their work policies, this is a sure way to know if the moving company is legit and reliable!

Legality and legal issues

Every moving company must have proper licenses! In order to freely operate, moving companies should have legal papers and other state-approved licenses. Also, a good trait of a moving company is that they do not have any legal problems or any ongoing court issues.

Person picking a paper that says legal
A reliable moving company doesn’t have legal issues

You can easily check what kind of moving company you are dealing with by entering their USDOT number on the  US Department of Transportation website! It will give you almost instant information on what’s currently going on with the moving company. And this is the best ways to write off some of the movers before you compare moving companies.

Moving companies have genuine reviews

Once you enquired information about their costs and services, you need to know about customers feedbacks. This is where it comes in handy to know about the ways to spot fake moving feedbacks! Here you will learn if you are dealing with possible fraudulent moving companies. If the moving review sounds genuine to you, where the customer wrote about their overall experience with the moving crew, take that into the consideration.

A green face checked as a good review
A good review means you are dealing with a good company

Fake moving reviews are often either written by AI or just follow the same principle. To bring the extremely positive side of the company, or to write bad reviews for another moving company. Either way, whenever you see this kind of moving reviews, it should be a big “NO” sign. Avoid those moving companies at all costs!

Other ways to avoid frauds

Frauds and scams are not rare today! And that kind of people can find hundreds of ways to fraud you into paying more money. There are always some hidden fees and other moving costs you don’t know about. And they all accumulate during transportation, so you do not even know how much you are paying in the end.

compare moving companies - Man looking at a sign saying fraud alert
Know how to avoid moving frauds in order to save money

To successfully compare moving companies you need to know how to eliminate the bad ones first. The best way to do it to know how to recognizes moving scammers. This should make it easy to know which moving company is legit and which one is not.

What kind of services they provide

Every moving company has its own set of moving services they provide. They are all almost the same and include services like:

Those are just some of the basic services. But, to successfully compare moving companies, you need to know about special moving services they can provide. For instance, more and more people need reliable junk removal NYC services they can’t find anywhere. Which often leads to not finding a moving company at all. Knowing that some movers have services you need puts them on top of the list of possible movers to hire.

compare moving companies - A piano being moved
Any special service a moving company offer means they are probably good at their job

Closing the deal and writing a review

Once you are done comparing moving companies and hiring one for your relocation, you should write a moving review. Your feedback will help the moving company a lot to further improve their services, as well as getting hired again. Also, it can help new potential customers to find a moving company which is reliable and professional. But do to so, you need to know how to give feedback on a moving company.

Comparing moving companies is hard when you have a lot of reliable movers to compare. Overall, you need to put your needs first and figure out what moving company can fulfill them. This is ultimately the only reliable way to find movers for your relocation. If you know any other way to do it, please leave a comment!

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