How to Cope With a Neighbor’s Renovation

When a property is being renovated, it is a hard tie for both the owner and the neighbors. But, owner of the property is able to leave their home and stay away from all the dust, noise, rubbish, workers, and other things that come with the renovation workers. You, on the other hand, are staying at your home, being forced to cope with a neighbor’s renovation. And it is not pleasant at all.

There are a couple of issues you are dealing with:

  • Noise is the worst part when you cope with a neighbor’s renovation
  • Dust
  • Potential damage
  • Debris
How to Cope With a Neighbor’s Renovation- tiles on the wall
Removing tiles is noisy but it               will be over soon

There will be some noise, mostly from the workers talking and walking around. But, if the renovation includes tearing down a wall or two, breaking tiles or replacing the floors, you are going to hear some noise. There are still some things you are able to do to make it easier for yourself.

It will not last forever

Every single time you feel like you are going to lose your mind, just remember, it will have to end at some point. Removing tiles can be incredibly noisy, for example. No matter how hard it is right now, it won’t last forever and that should always be on your mind. There are many positive things that may come out of this renovation, like getting nice new neighbors, so just give it some time and do not stress. Stay calm, since you will regret any impulsive actions. If you can’t handle it and the renovation will take a long time, you could move for a while. In this case, hire local movers NYC for a stress-free move.

Value of the neighborhood goes up, so it’s worth to cope with a neighbor’s renovation

Any kind of renovations is done for the sole purpose of increasing property value. And if your neighbor’s home is getting an increased value, the neighborhood is too. So, in a way, your home is getting an increased value as well. Property value is going up so you should push through it, it will benefit you. Higher value might get some nice people to the neighborhood. And if you ever need or want to move and sell your home, you will get a better deal. Even just a paint job can change the way neighborhood looks.

cope with a neighbor’s renovation- Buckets of paint and paint brushes
Any kind of renovation increases the property                         value, even a paint-job

Hire a lawyer so you know your rights

This step is great way to get information on what are your rights and it can make the renovation easier on you. Get to know your neighbor’s renovation rights too. The lawyer can inform you about what times of the day the workers may work since is not the same in every city or state. Getting this information might help you out while you cope with a neighbor’s renovation. A lawyer, especially the one that has the experience with this issue, will be able to give you some more useful advice on how to handle this situation.

A man in a suit
Hire a lawyer so he can explain your rights to                                            you

Be friendly and get to know everybody

Do not be rude to the workers. Or their supervisors. The neighbors should also be on your side, so get to know them. If you get to know them, get the contacts, this may be very beneficial for you. The main reason for getting their contact information is that you can contact them in situations like someone parking on your parking spot or leaving garbage in your yard. Even in these situations, don’t argue, be polite. You can make some friends on the way as well.

Get the schedule, it can help you plan your time

If you did the right thing and was nice to the contractor and the workers, it can be crucial now. Any good contractor will be able to give you guidelines regarding the time of the constructions. This way, in case the weekend is the time they are taking off or are doing some quiet work, you will be able to enjoy it at home.

If the wall is being demolished at that time, you will know you should take the weekend trip to some nice place. You could ask is it possible to make a deal with them on what could be done at each day. If you have to be at work early, they could do something without making too much noise, or tell them when you won’t be there so they can work a noisy part of the job. It will be easier to cope with a neighbor’s renovation this way.

A car
In case you find out the workers will be noisy at some point, get                  a road trip

Be polite when the going gets tuff

There might be a time when an accident occurs. Maybe the workers did a bad job, or maybe the building is old. Whatever might be the case, you should try your best to stay calm and not have an anger outburst while you cope with a neighbor’s renovation. Accidents happen and they happen to everybody, so you should be understanding. You won’t gain anything by making a scene, but you could be the bigger person if you stay calm. Just document everything and you will be fine. If you are worried your valuables might get damaged, like piano, try piano movers NYC. Move these items to a storage unit so you know it’s safe.

Damage needs to be documented just in case

Ask your lawyer what should you do so you document it in the best way. Take pictures and fill out any documents your lawyer suggests you to. This could come in handy if you need to go to court with the constructors. The damage could be small, like going over the flowers in the garden with the car, but it can be serious too. Make sure your valuables won’t be damaged by taking them to the storage unit. If the houses are next to one another, there can be structural damage to your home. Make sure you document it. Also, it’s a good idea to take some pictures of your home before the renovation starts so you have evidence the damage occurred while the renovation was taking place.

It is important that you remain calm while you cope with a neighbor’s renovation. If you push through it, while knowing your rights and trying to make friends with the workers, it will be bearable. The neighborhood will get increased value and your home will too. Just remember, it will be over eventually.

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