How to deal with the best friend moving to another state

Nobody says that moving is an easy undertaking. Even disregarding the practical aspects of the move, the emotional impact cannot be ignored. Relocation can be tough on everybody involved, especially if it’s the first time experiencing it. It may seem like a chapter in your life is closing. However, people move all the time, so they have learned how to deal with it. First, try not to look at it as something negative, but as an opportunity. Your best friend moving to another state is also a chance to expand your horizons. You should also try to make the process as easy on your friend as possible. Helping them move can be cathartic for both of you and help you sort through your emotions. Here’s what you can do to help both of you cope with it better.


The first step in any successful relationship is open communication. We understand that it can be hard to discuss your emotions openly, but you should give it a shot. Once you do it once, it becomes easier next time. You don’t have to drop a conversation bomb on them straight away. Start with small talk. Ask them what their new home is like, what New York movers they hired, what they know about the area, etc. Slowly steer the conversation to how you feel. Surely, the move is also hard on your best friend, so they will appreciate the opportunity to express their emotions. The exact things you will talk about are up to you. The important thing is to make it clear that you will miss them and that this is not the end of your relationship. And remember, a big part of communicating is listening.

Two friends sitting and talking.
The first step in dealing with your best friend moving to another state is to talk openly.

Help them with moving

First things first, helping your friend move is a nice thing to do. You can make the whole process faster and easier. They likely have a lot of relocation-related obligations and could use a helping hand. Ask them what you can do and get to it. You’ll probably need to help them pack. Good packing requires some skill, but even if you’ve never done it before, you’ll quickly get the gist of it. Just be categorical and everything should be fine. And take special care of fragile items. However, it’s not all about the practical aspects of moving. Long Island City Movers can take care of their moving needs by themselves. It’s about spending time with your best friend. Helping with the moving process will let you accept that your best friend is moving to another state. And acceptance is the first step in sorting out your emotions.

Organize a goodbye party

Once the bulk of packing is finished, you should organize a going away party. Give yourselves one last moment to remember in your old location. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Organizing a few close friends is more than enough. Or even just the two of you going somewhere you like. This is far from the last party you’ll have together, but it’s nice to mark the end of an era. Oh, and when you get emotional during the party (and you will get emotional) it will be something to remember and laugh about in a few months, once everything has settled down. Just make sure that the party is not in their house. If everything is prepared for long distance movers Queens to relocate them, the last thing they need is to have to clean up the day before the move. 

People having fun at a party.
Organizing a farewell party will make you both feel better.

Send them a welcome gift

Your best friend moving to another state is a chance to show them you care about them. Everything will be fine in the end, but right now, they are likely having a hard time. Knowing that you care will help them deal with their new environment. And giving them a welcome gift is just the way to do it. Of course, you know best what your friend likes, so we won’t give you advice on what to get them. However, we will suggest how you can give it to them. If you can make it a surprise, that would be great. If it’s nothing too big, the residential movers NYC they hire for the move can help. Tell them you want to send a gift and ask to sneak in the box with the rest. When they start unpacking, they can be surprised by your gift. If you want, also attach a little note that will lift their spirits. 

Contact and visit them

Because your best friend is moving away, that means you’ll have fewer opportunities to talk to each other in person. So, you should put extra effort into talking or texting over the phone. If your lines of communication remain open, it won’t even seem like they moved away. What’s more, now you’ll have more experiences to discuss, so your conversations can be even more interesting. Then, visit them as often as you can. And of course, make it clear they can come to visit you anytime they want. If you set up a good visitation system, it will almost seem like they didn’t move. Event tourism is a thing, so do the same things you did, just do them in different places than before. The best way to deal with your best friend moving to another state is to keep everything as close to as it was. 

How to deal with the best friend moving to another state.
Don’t forget to talk on the phone as often as you can.

Remember that your best friend moving to another state is not the end 

Finally, you need to remember that your best friend moving to another state is not the end of your relationship. Relocation is a normal thing in life. While it can be difficult at the moment, you will soon learn to accept it. With all of the travel options and lines of communication that the modern world provides, 500 miles can seem as close as 5. Just because your best friend is moving away does not make you stop being best friends. Yes, your relationship will change, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Who knows, them moving could even make your bond stronger!

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