How to feel safe in your new home after moving

It is absolutely natural that you want to feel safe in your new home after moving. Your home should be your heaven, safe zone, the place you go to when you want to escape the outside world. For your physical safety and peace of mind, you should invest some time to make your home secure. Even if you’re 90% sure nothing bad will happen, why not make it close to 100%? Some things you can’t influence – like the crime rates in the area. If you’ve had Manhattan movers relocate you to a place with low crime rates, you’re one of the lucky ones. If not, higher crime rates are something you’ll have to learn to live with, unfortunately. However, there are steps you can take to make your new home as safe as possible. So let’s get to it.

Open window on a house.
Make sure that burglars can’t force your windows open.


Double-checking your new home is the first step

As soon as you move in, there are a few simple steps you should take to secure your home. First, check the structural stability of your doors and windows. Then, check the strength of your locks and window latches. Windows are one of the primary entrance points for burglars, so you need to secure them. If your window frames are loose, either fix them or replace them if they can’t be fixed. Also, replace any broken glass. Once you’re done, close your windows and go outside to test them out. Give them a strong push and if they squeak open even a bit, replace the latches

Then, check the strength of your locks. Your best bet is to put in new locks so that only you have the keys. Even if you trust the previous owners, they could still have unwittingly kept a set of keys to their old house. If you decide to install new locks, consider not getting regular ones. Better, modern locks are much harder to pick and they don’t cost too much. Yes, they do cost a bit more than regular ones, but that’s nothing compared to your safety. Just ask any residential movers NYC how much safer people are if they have good locks installed. Finally, if your doors are so damaged that burglars could force their way in without issue, replace them, obviously.

Try to develop good habits

Your second step should be learning some good precautionary habits. It won’t cost much (or anything), but it’s as important as any other security measure. First, prevent outsiders from being able to see into your home. It will help you feel safe in your new home after moving if nobody can see the valuables you have. There are multiple ways you can do this – putting up a high picket fence is one. However, that’s a bit expensive and you may not have the room. If you want to save some money, you can have moving companies Queens relocate the items you need to build a fence yourself from your old home.

How to feel safe in your new home after moving.
Don’t advertise your movements on social media!

Your other option is to install some window shutters. They serve a dual purpose – preventing outsiders from viewing your home and adding an extra layer of physical security. The simplest solution is putting up some curtains and keeping them closed. The principle is the same, but it’s the simplest to implement. Then, keep a light or TV on when your house is empty. Burglars mostly target empty homesBy making your home appear occupied at all times you will lower the chance of being targeted. Finally, be careful how you use social media. You can’t feel safe in your new home after moving if you advertise where you are going all the time. Don’t post where you are going or how long you’ll stay. Don’t check-in as soon as you get somewhere. It’s fine to do these things after the fact, but not as you are doing them.

Installing a security system is a good way to improve your safety

This one is quite obvious – any kind of security system is a plus. It will take some time to install and won’t be cheap, but can you put a price on security? Even a few cameras and motion-sensor lights will help a ton. Initially, you can get the cheapest cameras you find. Just the threat of being captured on video is a great deterrent to burglars. When you have the means, you should upgrade your security system. This can include getting better cameras, installing burglar and glass-break alarms, and even hiring a remote security company. You can even install a smart security system where you can always check the status of your home from your phone.

Getting to know your neighbors will help you feel safe in your new home after moving

Once you have settled, you should take the time to get to know your neighbors. Just ask any local movers NYC how much being on terms with your neighbors can help. You’ll be surprised how such a single thing can mean so much. They can inform you if anyone suspicious is prowling around your home when you are away. More pairs of eyes are always helpful. Of course, you should also help them out when you can. Burglars and thieves avoid tight-knit communities because they know someone will raise the alarm. Get to know your neighbors and do your part in keeping the community safe.

People eating at a table.
Nurturing community bonds will make you feel safe in your new home after moving.

Adopt a furry friend

Finally, what better way to feel safe in your new home after moving than getting a dog? Guard dogs have been a basic security measure for millennia, for good reason. Plus, you get companionship, so it’s a double win. You don’t have to get an actual guard dog. While it’s definitely a plus, even a small breed will help. The barking of a dog is a great deterrent to burglars and thieves. And plaster as big a warning sign as you can find on your door. Make sure that anyone who thinks of going in away knows the dangers. In essence, criminals look for easy targets. It’s your job to make it clear that you are anything but helpless.

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