How to find a job after relocating to New Jersey

Moving to a new city can be stressful and hard, especially when you are yet to find a job. The moving process is behind you, you read all the tips and tricks you could find on Tik Tok moving and storage NYC for before and after the move. And now comes the difficult part – finding a job. In nowadays, with the current situation, it is difficult to find a job, even more, if you are new to the city. Therefore, read on these tips on how to find a job after relocating to New Jersey.

Before searching for a job after relocating to New Jersey

If you just moved to New Jersey and finished with movers NJ, you will need some time to adjust. Of course, nature will take its course, but there are some things you can do to speed up the process. After you move into your new household and unpack your stuff, take the time to familiarize yourself with your neighborhood. Take walks, and check where things are. Things like cozy cafes, local grocery stores, gyms.

A girl sitting at the table, thinking how to find a job after relocating to New Jersey.
Define and prioritize your expectations and requirements from a job.

Also, make sure you figure out the commute:

  • How is your neighborhood connected to different business areas?
  • How long would you have to travel?
  • Are traffic jams frequent?
  • Are there bike lanes available and where? All this can help you make decisions when you are trying to find a job after relocating to New Jersey

Define what you want before you find a job after relocating to New Jersey

Before you go on a job hunt, it is important to figure out exactly what are you chasing. Make a list of wanted job positions, and then sort them by most wanted to the least.  Then you can write your acceptance criteria. State the wanted salary, and the lowest one you would accept. Would you rather work from home or an office? Distance is also important. You don’t want to end up traveling to your offices 2 hours, to the otherwise perfect job, if that is too long of a commute for your preference.

Do research for wanted job positions

Go online and do some research that will help you find a job after relocating to New Jersey. You can search for job listings near you, but it is not mandatory for the purpose of this research.

Carefully study each job ad, and see what are some of the most often requirements and skills wanted. This will help you in creating the perfect resume. Se what are the average paycheck, and if available, what are people’s impressions regarding that position. Consider the distance you are willing to travel every day. For example, you can work in NYC while living in New Jersey, if you don’t mind the longer commute.

Two papers on a table, beside a laptop. One has a graphic, and the other one a resume.
Having a professional and smart resume is the key to successfully finding a job after relocating to New Jersey.

Create a resume

When it comes to creating your resume, the internet guides can be a bit overwhelming. And it all comes to your personal preference. You can improve maybe phrasing or formating a little bit with these guides. But it is impossible to assemble a resume that will be perfect and HR will pick out from dozens, or even hundreds of different applications. If the style you chose for your resume isn’t enough for someone to pick it out and schedule an interview, then it maybe wouldn’t be the right fit when it comes to the job also.

You should create your resume in a way that corresponds to the desired job description. Highlight the skills and work experience that are required in the ad. Also, you should adjust your resume to each job position and each company you are applying for. You don’t have to rewrite the whole thing, just a few nips, and tucks here and there.

Networking is the best way to find a job after relocating to New Jersey

When you are new to the city, you do not have any connections there, except maybe movers Fort Lee NJ that handled your moving process. So now, the world is your oyster! You should explore places and make connections as much as you can.

Of course, when you have a goal to find a job after relocating to New Jersey, you may be more specific about the places you visit. For instance, see if there are any relevant events or conferences from the industry you are interested in. Or if not, you can always check restaurants and cafes in the business area of your choice. This will not only be beneficial for your job hunt, but also to your adjusting process and making new friends.

A group of people networking in a cafe.
Networking is crucial when it comes to job hunting.

You can also do some networking online. Linked In is an excellent business platform to target desired connections and reach out. There are topics and pages you can follow and don’t be afraid to engage with the content. React, comment and share links, and relatable posts, sharing your thought on various topics. This will improve your digital presence and make you stand out from the other candidates.

Go online and check the job opportunities

Online presence is very important nowadays when it comes to finding a job after relocating to New Jersey. Professional profiles on various social-business platforms can only be a huge plus. Make sure your profile is completely filled out, and with updated information. Also, engaging in related topics to your potential job function can take you that extra mile. Who knows, you may end up making valuable connections this way.

Go on local employment websites and see what is in the offer. Save any job as that seems interesting to you. Before you send your resume, make sure you read the job description carefully and thoroughly. Also, check the company and its online presence. If available, find ratings from current and old employees. After all this, you can readjust your resume, and send it with a personalized cover letter.


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