How to find an apartment in NYC

Are you looking for an apartment in NYC? You have probably heard a lot of times that it is almost impossible to find an apartment in the Big Apple. Though we will admit that it can be a challenge certainly, it is not impossible to find what you want in NYC. The city is huge and we are sure that you will find your dream place at an affordable price. Determining in advance what are your priorities is the best thing and will make your search a lot easier. Here we will share with you useful tips and tricks on how to find an apartment in NYC.

Start your search on time

Unless you have to start work on Monday morning, we recommend that you start searching for an apartment in New York a month and a half in advance. Set aside an hour or two each day to find an apartment in NYC. Not only will you be less stressed about where you are going to live, but you will find out that you have numerous options as well. Also, you will have more time to think about how to deduct moving expenses, as well. If you have only a week to find an apartment, some might call it mission impossible, so start your quest on time and you will be surprised how easily will you find your new place to live.

find an apartment in NYC by starting on time
Find an apartment in NYC by starting your search on time

Define your budget

When you know in advance what is your budget, your search will go a lot smoother. Even if you have a little less to spare, some compromises can be made and you will still get what you want. Apartments in NYC are really expensive if you search them in Manhatten for example, but if you are willing to try other boroughs, you can be pretty happy there as well. Every borough has its advantages and disadvantages, so check out which is better to live in, Brooklyn or Queens. Defining your budget will lessen the time of your search, so you will not waste your day on viewing expensive places.

Get a roommate

This goes hand in hand with the defining of your budget. Living alone in Big Apple can be very expensive. But, if you find a roommate, your expenses will be less by a half, which is not something you should take for granted, definitely. Split the cost and move into the bigger apartment.

dollar bills
Split the cost with your roommate and enjoy your apartment

Visit online sites for renting an apartment

If you want to explore all your options, online sites are definitely the best thing. There are numerous sites that have helped thousands of people find their new home in NYC. Find an apartment in NYC through one of the following websites:

All of these have proven themselves to be great websites for an apartment search, so make your favorite beverage and scroll.

If you are not from NYC

If you are about to live in NYC, but you are currently not there can be really tricky. There is nothing better than visiting the apartment in person. However, if you can narrow your search online down to 5-10 apartments and then come to NYC for two days to check them out, that would be great. It is important to visit the location where you will live, but also visit it during the night. You should check out what is the noise level around your apartment, and whether there are not so many cars and clubs around it. However, if you are not able to do so, we highly recommend that you hire a  broker.

Hiring a broker

Hiring a broker is a perfect solution if you are not moving locally. They will ask you all sorts of questions about the preferences that you have. They are experienced in finding apartments so that they suit your needs most. It is very important to know if you want to find a place near your future job or clubs on the other hand. A broker will narrow down the search, and can even show you the apartment via Skype. Why not take advantage of technology?

a broker on the street
If you are not from NYC, hiring a broker is the right thing to do

Be prepared to meet your future landlord

When you or your broker narrows down the apartments that you want to look at, it is important to be prepared. When you find an apartment in NYC, landlords usually expect you to have the following documents with you:

  • Recommendations from the previous landlordHave your recommendation in writing, so that they can check it out.
  • Pay stubs from the last three months – Sometimes it may only be required to bring the pay stub from the last month, but it is better not to risk it, right?
  • Guarantor information – Some landlords want you to have a guarantor. This means that your parents or your friends will hop in to pay the rent if for some reason you are not able to do it on your own.
  • Deposit and the rent – The rent for the first month is obligatory as well as the deposit which is usually the same amount as one month’s rent.

When you find an apartment in NYC negotiate with your landlord

If you found what you like, but it seems to be too expensive for you, negotiate. You are dealing with people, and you never know who your landlord will be, but it may be worth of try. If the current price is, let`s say $2200, and you are willing to pay $2100, start at $2000. In this way, if your landlord wants to negotiate as well, you will be able to meet him in the middle.

If you want to find an apartment in NYC, do not listen to other people telling you it is hard. Everything can be achieved if you are persistent. There is no reason to take the first apartment that you do not like just so that you have a place to live. Search and you will be successful eventually. NYC is a lively, energetic city that never sleeps, and definitely has a lot in store for you. Good luck.

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