How to handle relocating from Queens to Manhattan

Are you moving from Queens to Manhattan? Well, buckle up it is going to be quite a ride. Although Queens and Manhattan are just a half an hour of a subway ride away, they are different. Actually, Manhattan is the place where everything is happening, and it is happening fast. The pace of life is much faster than in any other borough, so it would be great if you could spend a few days there before you move, just so that you can adjust to everything. Relocating from Queens to Manhattan will be easy if you know how to handle it right. And, of course moving companies NYC will help you get through it.

relocating from Queens to Manhattan does not have to be stressful. A photo of the apartment with a flower painting on the white wall
When relocating from Queens to Manhattan, find a perfect new apartment for you first.

Relocating from Queens to Manhattan – what is there to know

Although this is not a long-distance move, Manhattan is different than Queens. If you love the faster pace of life, you will definitely enjoy it here. There will not be a single boring moment here, as there are so many events, restaurants, theaters, night clubs, and parks. And the best thing is that everything is so much closer to you than it used to be. Relocating from Queens to Manhattan should be taken seriously though, so you need to start preparing for your move on time. Some things should not and cannot be rushed, no matter what the pace is. For example, do not forget to handle utilities before moving into your new apartment.

Find a perfect new apartment

Manhattan can offer a lot to you, you just need to have some patience until you find a great apartment. Take your time in deciding where you will live, whether you are just renting or buying a place of your own. If you own a pet, we suggest that you take a look at the pet-friendly NYC neighborhoods. Nothing compares to feeling pleasant and joyful after a stressful move. You have a lot of options here, you can choose among Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Tribeca, Chelsea, and others. Whatever decision you make, take all factors into consideration. Your new neighborhood should not be far from your job, or your kids` school, it should have parks, bus stations, and shops.

Hire a reliable moving company

If there is one thing regarding your move that can make moving the worst or the best part of your life, it is the moving company that you choose. So, choose Queens best movers wisely. Ask your friends and family, and even your acquaintances for a recommendation. Search the Internet in your quest for the best mover. Read the reviews carefully and pay attention as there are quite a few fake moving reviews. Most importantly, compare moving companies and choose the ones which offer the most at a reasonable price. Relocating from Queens to Manhattan will be faster, efficient, and a money-saving experience with the right movers.

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We are not going to lie to you, Manhattan is more expensive than Queens, so start saving money as soon as you can to avoid any stress.

Check out the rules for moving in your old/new building

Especially in your new building. Some buildings have rules about what time is reserved for moving. There are a few challenges you may face as a first-time renter in NYC, but this should not be it. You should do the following when relocating from Queens to Manhattan:

  • Reserve the parking space –Avoid paying parking tickets by reserving the parking space outside your old and new building. If there is not enough space outside your building, inform your moving company about it. They will appreciate it.
  • Reserve the lift in your old and new building – Imagine having to wait for ages for an elevator so that you can safely carry your furniture out. Prevent this by reserving the lift on time. Also, if there is no lift to reserve, again make a call to the moving company and inform them. Furthermore, it would be great to count the steps on this occasion so that the movers know what they are up against.

Save money

Did we mention that Manhattan is way more expensive than Queens? While it has many perks, you should be well-prepared for this. Start saving money on time and everything will go smoothly. If you have enough time to pack your belongings on your own, do that. Ask for some free moving boxes at your local grocery store. Use towels and linen as packing supplies. If you need a babysitter for your children, call some of your close relatives. Do not order food every day, take some time to prepare food at home as it is much cheaper. Saving money sounds like a really hard thing to do, but in reality, it is far from impossible.

girls with skirts in colorful designs with black t-shirts and a baloon
Throw a goodbye party even though you have other, more important things to do, as it will help you to unwind and relax.

Throw a goodbye party

Do not forget to have fun while relocating from Queens to Manhattan. Moving is just one of many life-turning events in your life, so throw a party to celebrate it. If you start thinking about the lack of money, sleep and time, you will never do it. But, the truth is, you need this moment of closure. Gather your closest friends and celebrate this change. It does not have to be a spectacle, the point is to have some fun and enjoy yourself. The best timing for a goodbye party is a week or two before the actual relocation. Otherwise, your mind will be counting the hours until the move.

We have seen that with the right tips and trips, most unpleasant surprises can be avoided when relocating from Queens to Manhattan. We know that you`ve got this because we believe in you. Good luck!

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