How to help your children prepare for moving day

When you decide to move some place else with your family, it is usually because you have a better job or a larger home somewhere else. You make the move to enable your family a happier life. And while you are fully familiar with this, your children may not comprehend the reasons why you are moving. This may depend on their age and personality as well. Luckily, your attitude and the way you as a parent handle this situation will greatly help your children prepare for moving day. We are here to offer you some pro tips on how to help them and to recommend movers NYC to help you with the relocation process.

Communication is everything

We know that you will do everything to enable your kids to have a happy childhood and a safe relocation. However, they need to know this as well. Once you decide to move to another home, make sure to keep the children informed. Sit down with them and explain why are you moving. Be calm and patient, answer all of their questions.

mother, father and a crawling baby
One of the best ways to help your children prepare for the moving day is to be there for them as much as you can

If they are small, they will not understand, so if you have the opportunity to visit your new home, it is easier to show them. If you are moving out of the country, then contact the international movers NYC to help you. The key is for your children to see that you are feeling good about this decision. Do not show panic or anxiety, even though it can get stressful.

Stick to the routine if you want to help your children prepare for the moving day

The move has not happened yet, but somehow, the adults talk about it all day long. It must be very scary for children to lose their routine and the quality time you spend with them. Try as much as you can to spend a few hours of quality time with your children, to help your children prepare for the moving day.  Take them to the park, play games with them, read bedtime stories with them, even watch TV together. It will all make a huge difference because the children will know that their world is not falling apart and that everything is okay. Helping children adjust to a move is the best thing you can do.

two children reading a book on the floor
Spend quality time with your children, stick to the routine as much as you can, include them in the process and they will be ready for the moving day.

Include them in the moving preparations

Children are little people, and they need to be occupied so that they can be at their best. Thinking about the future move can make them anxious, so if you give them small tasks, they will feel all grown-up and useful. Help your children prepare for moving day by including them in the following:

  • Packing – if they are old to pack their clothes, they should do it. Or even toys. When they feel useful, they will handle every situation in a much better way.
  • Labeling – Even toddlers can do this. Of course, you will label the boxes, but you can give a task to them to color the boxes in specific colors. They will have fun, they will love it, and you will have a happy child.
  • Decision making – Even though you will be the one making all the decisions, always talk to your kids, and show them the positive aspects of relocation. Make the decisions together, because as we mentioned when they are included, they will be much less resilient to the change.

Ask your friends and family to help

When it comes to running errands and ticking off the to-do list, sometimes it is better for your children to be playing in the park with their grandparents. Instead of being in the midst of your errands, they can have a carefree afternoon in the playground. Sometimes the best way to help your children prepare for the moving day is just to let them play and not think about moving at all. Also, if you are starting to feel overwhelmed, do not be afraid to ask for help. Your friends will be glad to babysit your kids for a few hours. It is important for you, as well, to mentally prepare for your upcoming move.

help your children prepare for the moving day by hiring movers. White trucks cabins lined up next to each other
Hire help whenever you can in order to make the whole moving process easier

Hire help

When you are relocating your entire family, the most important thing is that it all goes well. You will be safe in the hands of experienced staff, which will make your relocation much easier and less stressful. What professional movers can help you with:

  • Packing – If you have heavy furniture that you want to relocate, consider calling the professionals
  • Moving – They will pack everything into a moving truck and deliver it to your new address
  • Storing – Sometimes you will need to store your household items, and the pros can help you with it
  • Unpacking – They will unpack everything and get rid of the packing material in a safe way which is good for the environment

You will have time to focus on your children and their well being if you are not trying to finish everything by yourself. Now, we know that moving is a time when a lot of money is required, but there are plenty of ways to deduct moving expenses.

The best way to help your children prepare for the moving day is communication and your patience. Let them say what they are worried about, let them be sad or angry for a while. Allow them time for the news to sink in. Be there when they need you, always have time for your children. Because at the end of the day, that is the only thing that truly matters. Do not hesitate to hire someone or ask someone to help you. Think of this experience as if it were a family adventure, as it truly is. Good luck!

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