How to increase your home’s curb appeal before selling

Naturally, when you are selling a home you want to get the best price that you can. Many aspects of your home factor into the selling price, including the home’s curb appeal. Selling is not just about the quality of the item, but also about perception. That is why you should always improve the appearance of your home before you decide to sell. It will not only help you sell higher but faster too. Just ask any New York movers how many solid homes were on the market for ages before the owners had to drop the price, just because the exterior wasn’t good enough. Here is how you can increase your home’s curb appeal in 5 easy steps, without investing too much.

Woman standing in front of a house.
Simple lights can give your home an elegant look at night and increase your home’s curb appeal.

1. Lighting up your property is a quick fix

You wouldn’t believe how installing simple light fixtures can increase the curb appeal of your home. A few lampposts and floodlights will give your home an elegant look at night. You know how photographers obsess over proper lighting? There’s a good reason for that. Everything looks better when the lighting is good. For a few hundred dollars, you can easily increase the price of your home. If you don’t know where to find cheap outdoor lights, you can always ask long distance movers Queens for advice. Outdoor lights also have the added benefit of making the home more secure – regardless of whether you will be living there or not, it’s nice to know that you can help prevent burglaries.

2. Dress up your doors and windows to increase your home’s curb appeal

You could replace all of your doors and window panes to improve how your house looks, but that can be quite expensive. Especially replacing garage doors. So, your other option is to make your doors and window panes look new. A new coating of paint will more than do the job and it will cost you less than a hundred bucks. You can even decide on a new color that compliments your home better. Just be careful if you decide to use eye-catching colors – you don’t want anything to stand out too much. Also, make sure that your windows are clean before putting your house on the market. It’s such a simple thing, but people often overlook it. A sparkling exterior gives off the impression of a well-maintained home and will entice potential buyers to have a look inside.

A freshly cut lawn.
A well-maintained lawn is important for your curb appeal.

3. Spruce up your plants

Make sure that your garden, lawn, and any potted plants add to the appeal of your home. An overgrown hedge or lawn can quickly turn away potential buyers. Replace any broken or worn-out pots and get some new ones. If they have sentimental value and you don’t want to throw them away, you can always find cheap storage NYC to put them in until you sell your home. If you have ample time, you can even plant some new flowers or shrubs to increase your home’s curb appeal before you decide to sell it. In case you don’t, make sure that everything is well maintained. It won’t cost you a dime – just some elbow grease.

4. Upgrade miscellaneous items and add some décor

There are many small things you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal, but probably don’t think about it. For instance, your house number. When was the last time you actually looked at it? However, even though it is not the center of attention, it can increase or decrease your home’s appeal. If it’s old and worn down, replace it with one that has a bit more style. Your mailbox has a similar effect – you likely don’t notice it, but these things stack up. Getting a good-looking mailbox is not expensive but can make your home look better. Then look at your electrical fixtures. Do they stand out? If they do, camouflage them with a paint job or cover them from view with some plants or furniture. Finally, add some decor – some elegant wreaths will add to the beauty of your home.

How to increase your home’s curb appeal.
Fix the small things around your home.

5. Fix the small things

Fix or replace anything that is broken down or worn out. Even small, usually unnoticeable, things can take away from your home’s curb appealA serious buyer will inspect every detail of your home to find any potential flaws. So, if a light is broken – replace it. A screen is starting to rip? Get a new one. Give yourself half a day to walk around your home and inspect it as a potential buyer would. Make a list of everything you find. Then, when you have the time, get everything you need and fix it all in a day. Small flaws can easily stand out on an otherwise beautiful exterior, so it’s worth it taking the time to repair everything. You can ask the people from packing services NYC if they have any leftover supplies – packing supplies can often be used for quick home fixes.

Simple improvements mean a lot

As you can see, all of these fixes require almost no money. All that is needed is a bit of time and energy (and not too much of that, either), and the price of your home can substantially increase. In just a few days, you can earn enough money to cover an installment rate on your new home. There is no good reason not to increase your home’s curb appeal before selling. You even may end up liking this type of manual labor. So, set a few days aside, put your work clothes on, and get to improving your home’s curb appeal!

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