How to interview Queens movers before hiring them

When hiring a moving company you need to know more about them! Especially their experience, the equipment they use, customer service and packing materials. In the following article, you will learn how to interview Queens movers in order to make sure you are hiring the right moving company! Also, if you are looking for moving and storage Queens NY, they should be able to provide you with the best you can get!

Interview Queens movers about their past experience

What you need to do is talk with your potential movers about their past experience! Especially if you have some valuable and important items to transport. FOr instance, have they ever transport safe, gun safe, pianos or other valuable wooden furniture. If they answer yes, then you will have a good moving crew at your side! Also, if you are looking for a piano movers Queens NY, you will have to know their past experiences in piano transportation! Because pianos are very heavy and valuable, you can’t risk them getting damaged. This is just one of the questions you need to ask when you interview Queens movers!

A customer who is about to interview Queens movers
Interview Queens movers about their past experiences

Ask them for their licence and USDOT number

One of the number one reasons why people get scammed when moving is that they have hired a shady moving company! In order to avoid such things, when you interview Queens movers always ask them about their licence and USDOT number! Once you get that number, you can go to the US department of transportation website and check their legal status. If they have their licence revoked, or are in some sort of legal trouble, you will know it on the spot! That way you can avoid hiring them for your relocation!

illegal legal
Ask them about their legal status

Talk about the moving estimate and what does it include

The biggest question you need to ask when you interview Queens movers is about your moving cost! Some movers may keep quiet on some hidden fees and avoid answering you some questions. What you should talk about is what factors influence the moving price and how much will that cost you.  And, once you have learned that information, you can calculate the moving estimate of your relocation! Knowing the costs of your move can give you an opportunity to either hire them or not.  Also, make sure to know what is the cost of moving valuable items! And, you should make sure they don’t change the cost of the move drastically before hiring a moving contract!

These are some of the most important questions you need to ask when you interview Queens movers! Make sure you ask as many questions as possible in order to get rid of all doubts before hiring your movers!

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