How to keep in touch after long distance moving

Moving far away means leaving your town and the people you love. Even if moving is a good thing, relocating far away is tough for us and the ones we care about. There is a lot of ways to keep in touch after long distance moving and we are here to help you.

Leave a gift for them

Before you move with Queens movers to your new location, leave a gift for your friends. In the decluttering process, you will find a lot of things you no longer need. Some of them are dear memories of your friends and family. Instead of throwing them away, give them as a gift to them. That way you will make sure they remember you and you will also still get rid of a lot of stuff.

a gift as a way to keep in touch after long distance moving
Leaving a gift to your friends means you want to keep in touch after long distance moving

Just make sure you are not cluttering your friend’s house as you are trying to clear out before relocating. The more you clear out the easier your move with movers Forest Hills will be. Throw the most of your clutter pile but keep very few special items that you will give away. There is a lot of treasure buried in those piles.

Use social networks to keep in touch after long distance moving

Modern-day technology is amazing and makes staying in touch easily. Nowadays we have all sorts of platforms to choose from. You can communicate in real-time with anyone anywhere! All you need is an internet connection and that is it. Use this to your advantage to keep in touch after long distance moving. Even interstate moving won’t be so hard on you now. Social networks keep the world connected.

Time differences are the only thing that can impact this sort of communication. But, there must be a specific time of the day you can catch up with your loved ones. Just when you wake up might be bedtime for them. Use this time to drink your morning coffee and chat a bit via video call. If you are moving on short notice, use that time to spend it with your friends and family while they are helping you move and pack faster. This can help ease your relocation anxiety because even packing can be a bonding time if you do it right.

Letters are still in

Sending letters must be one of the sweetest ways of communicating. Since we now have social networks, sending letters is rare. But, letters were and always will be the way to someone’s heart. Look up online DYI letter decoration and make an amazing looking letter to send to your friends and family. Just make sure not to mention that to them in your everyday conversation. Let that letter be a surprise!

a pen writing on paper
Writing letters is still a thing

It is possible to keep in touch after long distance moving nowadays. Everything is accessible and you can even see each other daily. Do not dwell because of moving far away. This is a good chance and you can always come back and visit!


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