How to maintain security during a move

You are ready to move, but you are worried about safety? Well, if you hire Tik Tok Moving and Storage, you have nothing to worry about. Still, if you think you can never be too sure to protect yourself against burglary and property theft, it is important that you know what you need to pay attention to. So if you want to know how to maintain security during a move and what are the principles of thieves and thief groups, and the best ways to deter them from your home, read on. These are the best pieces of advice that we gathered from citizens themselves on the basis of their personal experience.

Maintain security during a move – protect your door

When you’re moving, you are probably in and out of the house all the time. So the most important thing you need to do is to protect your door. Always, always lock the front door, even when you go out “for 5 minutes” to the neighborhood or to help the movers. This is especially important if you are moving your office and moving for commercial reasons.

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How to maintain security during a move – is it possible?

There is a group of burglars who finish their “job” in 5 minutes. These people are those who fall into the apartments to get anything they could sell at any price to buy drugs. If you live in a house with a yard and have two entrances – the front and the back, always lock the door in the part where you do are not staying. If you are doing something noisy in the house – like renovating or dissembling furniture – again, lock the front door, because you will not hear possible burglars.

Invest in good locks

Invest in quality locks on your doors. This is a general rule and not only when you want to maintain security during a move. Let the locks be mounted so that they do not sprinkle outside the door so that the burglars cannot break the cylinder. Thieves and security experts say there is no lock that cannot be broken, but any extra lock is one more obstacle. It does not mean that it cannot be obstructed, but it means that the majority of inexperienced burglars will be able to go through the next door on which – there is no lock anymore!

Protect your windows

When people are moving, there is a lot of dust, especially if you decided to renovate as well. Always close all the windows and all the balcony doors before you leave the house. Never slide the shutters to the end, because often it is a sign that the householders are absent.

When you rent a storage unit, all your items will be secure 24/7

If you live in a house with a yard, remove garden furniture because thieves can use it to climb to the window. On the windows on the ground floor and high ground floor, be sure to place the grates. If you are renovating and need a place to leave your items, you can consider renting storage. In this way, all your items will be secure 24/7.

Key protection

If you want to maintain security during a move and you have to give your key to someone, never leave a key on commonly known secret places. These places can be under the mats or under the plant pots. You can trust the movers and their workers, but do not give children the keys to hand it to them. And especially not on the rope around the neck!

Let there be light

You may think that in a place such as New York, nobody knows what the other one is doing – but you’re so wrong! Moving is a hectic event and thieves know how to take advantage of this. Make sure the yard around your house is always bright – thieves love darkness! Even when you’re not home, place the reflector with automatic ignition above the front door. You can even give your neighbor the key to occasionally turn on the light and TV in the evening. Still, never leave the light burning while you are moving – this is a sure sign that you are absent.

Protect your valuables

The smallest group of thieves are professionals who are tipping apartments and falling into anywhere there are money, jewelry or artistic values. That’s why you should get insurance and keep all your valuables and money in the bank. Of course, a reputable moving company will always move your items with care – even if you move internationally – making sure that everything valuable won’t be damaged (or gone missing) in any way.

The protection provided by the neighbors

Always foster good relations with neighbors, above all because of your own respect for all people in your area! But from the security point of view, it is also important to be in excellent relations with neighbors… Even with the one who stands constantly on the window and looks at every movement of all who enter and exit the building. With that person, know that your apartment is safe. Also, give the key to your best neighbor in order to be able to see if something suspicious is happening.

Do whatever you can for your security

Don’t disclose your moving information

Do not disclose information about your relocation to strangers. Also, don’t post details or dates of your move on social networks. However, you may still inform your neighbor that knows everything, who may also know about your move before you do. Ask that neighbor to regularly empty your mailbox (if you are absent for a longer period of time) because too many mails mark your absence.


If you want to maintain security during a move, consider photographing all the valuables for easier identification. Of course, the reliable moving company will always make sure your move goes as smooth as possible, so choose wisely.

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