How to meet new neighbors

Relocation tends to be an overwhelming experience for most people. This is something we don’t do on a regular basis and therefore we are not used to changes that relocation brings to our lives. The process of packing and preparing for the move is a demanding activity, let alone the fact you have to say goodbye to your friends and family. Some people find the post-move situation much more difficult. You need to settle down and get used to your new surroundings as well as the people around you. This especially problematic when you move to another country. To overcome problems like these we have prepared a short article that will help you meet new neighbors, and make new friendships in no time. As time passes you will meet lots of new faces, and form new friendships, but it is always a great idea to start with your neighbors.

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Why is it important to meet new neighbors?

There is a long list of things, some of which are stressful, you have to do when you move to your new apartment or home. One of them is to meet the people who live around you. Is it necessary? Honestly, it is not. People can live many years next to each other without ever saying more than hello. This is characteristic for big cities where every sense of individuality is getting lost in a numbers game.

Picture of a yard
Spending some time outside will help you meet new neighbors

But just think about it, isn’t it easier to settle in your new surroundings when you know the people who live around you? Assuming they are normal, they will be more than glad to introduce you to your new neighborhood, give you info about it. What are the hippest places to go out, where are the best shops and stores, where you can find a peaceful coffee shop? It is also simpler to discuss and solve any disputes that might arise.

Spend some time outside

If you live in a house and your neighbor’s yard is next to yours, the good way to make that first contact is to spend some time in your garden. You will be surprised that you probably won’t have to make the first step. You neighbor will approach you. So, what is it that you can do while you are outside? Well the usual things like:

  • Doing some gardening. Your neighbor will probably ask questions about your plants, and what products do you use. He will also probably offer you some advice.
  • Take a walk with your dog. If your neighbor also has a dog, all the better. Now you have a shared interest to talk about.
  • Wash your car. This is something that is common for all of us, and there is a ton of car-based small talk.
  • Just relax in your yard. You don’t really have to do anything to make the first contact. Just do what you usually do, read a book on your porch and enjoy some drinks. If your neighbor says hi, invite him for a drink.

Go and introduce yourself

This sounds too basic to be effective, but a simple hello, I just moved here, my name is will grant you positive feedback from the community. This shows that you are a normal human being, and sends a warm and humane message. Keep in mind that your neighbors might also be skeptical about who moved in, and they will be relieved when they find out that you are a normal and friendly person.

Being positive will help you meet new neighbors
Be friendly, honest and positive and people will give you positive feedback

Tell them about the place you are coming from, what is your job and what you like to do for fun. If you have a family you can tell them about your kids and what they study. Don’t be too invasive and don’t force communication if you feel like they are not up for it. Some people are just more comfortable with minimal interaction. A simple introduction is great for the beginning and you will see where that goes in the future.

Throw a move-in party to meet new neighbors

This is a good strategy if you live in an apartment and you have a lot of new neighbors. Simply put invitations in their mailboxes and call them for a welcome party. The invitations should include that you are their new neighbor, what is your name and that you have provides some refreshments and snacks. You won’t be able to attract them all, but ones who do come, you can probably expect that they are friendly and easy-going people.

Who knows, maybe they will offer you a helping hand for moving in. Speaking about assistance, your best bet regarding the relocation process is to contact some of the residential movers NYC. These people are experienced and have all the necessary tools to make your change of the address a stress-free event.

Picture of champagne glasses
Throw a small party to meet more neighbors at once

Lend a hand and ask for help

Difficult times have that unique ability to make people get closer. The same applies to small acts of kindness that show people we are all humans. People remember if you offered support when they needed it. Help your elderly neighbors with grocery bags or with a piece of friendly advice on a matter that you are expert in. People also like to help others and simple tasks like asking your neighbor to water your plants while you are away, or to lend you tools can lead to great friendships.

To conclude everything, remember that being honest and open-minded will help you to meet new neighbors. Let everything progress naturally, and learn to appreciate the power of a simple smile.

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