How to mentally prepare for your upcoming move

Whoever has not moved before has no idea how much the whole process is painful and stressful. Those who have, without thinking, will call relocation professionals to do the moving job for them. In this way, any possible damage, effort, and stress will be minimized. Though it sounds like a nice advertising trick, the fact is that hiring professionals will ultimately be cheaper and faster than your own moving arrangement. So once you know you need to call the movers, let’s see how you can mentally prepare for your upcoming move.

Call the professionals and mentally prepare for your upcoming move

As we already said: if you want to mentally prepare for your upcoming move just leave everything to the professionals. Why you may ask. Well, the moving team will easily move your heavy safe, piano or any bulky furniture. And they will out it safely anywhere you say. With this, if you want to be even more relaxed, know that movers often offer professional packing services. Just imagine movers doing everything for you: from packaging, loading, transport, unloading, and furniture assembly… And all this done by experienced and reliable long-time employees! It surely sounds like 50% less headache, right?

How to mentally prepare for your upcoming move - woman on the ground
Do you know how to mentally prepare for your upcoming move?

Be gentle to yourself

Once you start to mentally prepare for your upcoming move, you have to keep things as realistic as possible. It’s completely normal to feel fear, anger, frustration – or even overly joy. You are a human being and during relocation, all emotions are ok. You are allowed to feel bad. And you are allowed not to like anything about your move. Be honest to yourself. You don’t have to refrain from your own fears. Besides, relocation can be quite expensive, so you are maybe worried about how you can deduct moving expenses… And this is also ok. Money issues are often the cause of most stress.

Find support

When preparing for relocation, you should not only promise to be fully mentally prepared but also adhere to it. So find someone that you can talk to. It can be anyone: a family member, a colleague – or even your secret crush. Tell that person that you will need support until you are accustomed to your new surroundings. This should be someone that you can fully count on so that all possible difficulties you can overcome together. Or just someone who’s a good listener.

Repeat the reasons for relocation to yourself

If you are sure of the justification for the change for which you are preparing for, explain to yourself your reasons all over again. It can be job changes, housing reasons, money issues… Tell yourself specifically, why are you actually moving. Of course, especially emphasize why you expect to be better in this new place.

You are not a superhero – nor you should be

Do not present yourself as a hero – nor to yourself, nor to your family and especially not to your children. It is natural that you feel a certain degree of fear or distrust of the unknown. If you hide these emotions from yourself, you will assume that you have to play a person without any fear and anxiety, even if it does not fit your inner experience. And this is not a role you have to play – it’s your life! Also, do not do everything on your own: from packing to buying moving supplies. This can just make you feel worse than you feel now.

woman stressing out
You are a human being and during relocation, all emotions are ok.

And do not suppress your fears. Instead, try to confront them and overcome them. Of course, you should not burden others (or your children). However, it’s perfectly fine to admit: This change will not be easy for me. I will all have to work hard and get used to it.

Don’t say forever goodbye to your friends and family

In order to properly mentally prepare for your upcoming move, you need to know you have roots of some kind. It’s completely ok to be attached to people in your (old) surrounding. That’s why you need to realize that you won’t leave them forever by moving away. In this digital age, it’s more than easy to call anybody you like and as often as you like.

Find something that makes you happy in your new surrounding

Ask around and find interesting things for in this new place you are moving to. By presenting yourself with potential nice changes you can achieve to challenge and enhance your desire to go. This can be anything from a museum, theatre or as simple as disposal and cleaning service. It’s just important to make you happy in whatever way.

a stress relax sign
You need to realize that you won’t leave your friends and family forever by moving away.

Preserve your rituals

The change on which you are preparing to gives rise to a degree of uncertainty. Nevertheless, your own (or your family) rituals is what will easily remind you that in your life there are permanent, unchangeable things that do not change from some external factors. Right now it’s very important not to skip them and avoid them. They will affect the further improvement of your life atmosphere, keep you stable and remind you that you always have time for your (joint) activities. If you used to go to the gym in your old part of NYC find a new one now – and just go. You will feel better in no time.


Major changes in your life such as the arrival of a new baby, divorce, loss of a family member such as a grandmother or a child, relocation – surely cause stress. So it’s ok if you don’t know how to mentally prepare for your upcoming move. As an adult, you probably already have built up stress-fighting mechanisms. Perhaps you sleep more or have noticed that at the time you are most fond of physical activity or friendly chat… However, you have no knowledge of how exactly you will react to your move. So it’s ok if you don’t find a way to overcome stress, or if you show different emotions and moods: fear, resistance, retreat, silence… Or, maybe even, frequent outbursts of anger. You are a human being and relocation is simply stressful. Just understand that this too, shall pass, and have patience with yourself. Good luck!

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