How to move a hot tub to Jersey City

Moving a hot tub is not one of those super easy tasks that you will finish in no time. It takes a great organization, skills and time to perform it in the right way. There are a couple of options that you need to consider when you want to move a hot tub to Jersey City. You can either do it on your own, hire reliable Jersey City movers or leave the tub behind. None of these decisions is easy so that is why it is vital that you start with the preparation on time.

Do you want to move a hot tub to Jersey City?

Whether you are moving across town or just around the corner, moving a hot tub is unique and requires a lot of expertise. Many hot tub owners choose to leave the hot tub to the new owners and buy a new one for themselves. This may be the easiest option of them all, and is definitely worth considering it, because moving a hot tub is quite the opposite of packing your glassware and fine china, for example. However, don`t be discouraged when you move a hot tub to Jersey City, because with the right planning everything can be achieved.

When you move a hot tub to Jersey City you need to be careful
Hot tubs can weigh more than 800 pounds, so be careful when you move a hot tub to Jersey City

Obtain package material on time

If you choose to move a hot tub on your own, you will need to do some preparation. Obtaining the right packing material is of the utmost importance when you want to move a hot tub to Jersey City. Here are the items that you will need:

  • a couple of plywood pieces
  • moving straps
  • 2 furniture dollies (you can rent these as well at Home Depot)
  • cleaning supplies

Bear in mind that one hot tub can weigh over 800 pounds, so make sure to get the material that will withstand this much weight. If you feel overwhelmed, know that you can always use the services of moving and storage NY.

Get as much help as you need

When moving a hot tub to Jersey City, know that you will need several hands on deck. With a minimum of three people and preferably six, you will be able to do this. If you have friends and family members that are reliable and want to help, inform them in time about your upcoming project. It is not good if they cancel last minute, so think about who else you could call if someone does not show up. When you move a hot tub to New Jersey, the motto is the more the merrier. Another option is always to choose the best moving company.

two friends and a laptop
Call at least six of your friends to help you move the hot tub

Rent a moving truck of the right size

We already mentioned that hot tubs can weigh over 800 pounds. In addition to that, they can be over 15 feet long. When renting the moving truck, it is essential that it can accommodate a hot tub. Remeasure the hot tub and the rental truck, so that you do not face any unpleasant surprises and waste your resources. Having the mind the size of a hot tub, make sure that the moving truck comes with the loading ramp. You want your hot tub to be impeccable for the next use, so this is the best way to prevent damage.

Disconnect and properly drain your hot tub

Another vital thing when you move a hot tub to Jersey City is to disconnect and drain in safely. Unplug the cords from the electrical outlet and remove all the cords so that they are not in the way. Otherwise, they can get wet and therefore not be safe for future uses. Therefore, you should place them in waterproof bags and protect them from damage.

When it comes to draining the hot tub, make sure to read the manufacturer`s manual. It is not enough to simply take out all the water. Draining is done with the pump or the garden hose. Follow the instructions from the manual and it will be fine. After you are finished with disconnecting and draining, clean the hot tub properly. It needs to be properly cleaned and dried before you load it in the moving truck.

Plan the safest route to move your hot tub

Assess the vicinity of the hot tub and what way should it be moved. Think about whether you will have to carry it down the stairs or up and down the street. Calculate every step of the way and think about how to prevent damage to the worker and to the hot tub. Nothing matters more than this, so take your time planning. Furthermore, choose the fastest and safest route to drive your rented vehicle. Avoid the roads with bumps and avoid rush hours.

Move a Hot Tub to Jersey City - semi-trailer on the road
The moving truck should be of the right size and you should plan the safest route to your new home

Place the hot tub into the moving truck

When it comes to loading the hot tub into the moving truck, you will need the help of several people. Lift the hot tub and place it on the plywood pieces and roll the furniture dolly beneath the front and the back of the hot tub. Use moving straps to attach the hot tub to the dolly as you want them to be firmly attached. Now you are all set to roll the tub towards the moving truck. Be careful when loading up the moving truck, it is best if you have at least six people that will secure that the hot tub is placed correctly in the truck. The process should be done in reverse when you unload the tub from the moving truck and unpacking it in your new home.

When you want to move a hot tub to Jersey City, all that it takes is good preparation. However, in order to maintain the safety of people and the item itself, we strongly recommend hiring professionals to do it for you. It is better to be safe than sorry, and expertise and skills are much needed in this situation. Good luck!

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