How to move fragile plants long distance

When you’re moving you need to transport hundreds of items. Some of them are easy to handle and robust such as your clothing, books, shoes, etc. These items can be easily packed and you don’t have to worry that they will be broken in the transport. On the other hand, some belongings are very difficult to move, especially long distance. These items are very fragile and prone to damages as they are not very resistant to any kind of impact. When you need to move fragile plants long distance or any glassware that can shatter in a second, you really want professionals to take care of your valuable items. Don’t wait a minute, find some of the best Moving companies NYC, and enjoy a smooth move with us. You don’t need to worry for a minute that your brittle items will be damaged during transport.

broken plant pot
Knowing how to properly pack our brittle items will help prevent damages

Check if moving is possible at all

When it comes to moving plants, you really need to find out if bringing a plant to another state or country is possible. Some states that rely on agriculture like California, Texas, and Florida are very vigilant in allowing plants into the state. This is due to the illness, pathogens, and pests they can carry, which could lead to destroying other crops or infecting other animals. Some of the states can let you bring plants but may require you to re-pot them in sterile soil or even put your plants in quarantine. On the other hand, some states ban any activities regarding plants shipment. You’d better check out for further info as every state has its own unique regulatory system. For an in-depth explanation of what comes in and what stays out of a state, you can check USDA’s full list of regulated plants.

Way of transport

Since plants shipment is regulated by law, many moving companies refuse to transport plants. Therefore, you’ll have to take care of your plants. You can rent a truck, or move plants in your own car. If there’s enough space in a car, always opt for a car. You’ll have an eye on your plants all the time. Keep in mind that when you move fragile plants long distance, good ventilation and regular spraying are essential. If possible, have your A/C system always on as high temperatures can negatively affect your plants. If you have trouble moving your plants, Westchester movers can help you with further info on how to safely relocate your plants.

a car dashboard
Use air-conditioning when transporting plants to prevent premature rotting

Packing your plants

Once you make sure your plants can cross the state border, you can start thinking about how to pack them. Packing plants can be a very long and tiring process. It depends on how many plants you want to move. If you love gardening, you may have a lot of plants in the soil. And since there is a lot of physical work, you want to start on time in order to avoid mess and stress in your head. So, what you need to do is listed:

  •  to uproot all your plants either from the soil or clay pots;
  • remove every dead leaf;
  • carefully replace roots in plastic pots;
  • add sterilized soil and make sure plants are stable

When the final moving day comes and packing in the truck starts, you want your plants to be packed the last.  This is the best idea since it minimizes the risk of damaging plants when loading a truck. If you move little plants, place them in boxes and use bubble wrap to minimize pots moving. If you want to avoid any packing-related problems, with a helping hand of one of moving companies Yonkers, problems are out of sight.


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