How to move oversized items with ease?

When moving we move absolutely everything. From a souvenir from Italy to your king-sized bed, from candles to wardrobes. Packing and moving oversized items does not have to be hard, though. You just need to know the right techniques on how to move oversized items and you will make it. We have prepared this useful guide for you, as preparation is truly everything in this case. The moving companies NYC will help you if you think that you cannot do it, or simply do not have the time to do it.

Move oversized furniture - king-sized bed, a wardrobe and a night table
Always have someone to help you with moving, and do not forget to stretch first.

Clear the pathway

You do not want to find yourself in the situation where you move oversized items and there are boxes blocking your way, or you did not reserve an elevator for the day. Here is what you can do to move oversized items with ease:

  • Clear the hallways and protect them – Remove any moving boxes or excess items from the hallways. Make sure to place old towels or linen on the floor to avoid damage from the oversized furniture.
  • Reserve the elevator for a few hours – If you have an elevator in your building, reserve it for the day, otherwise, you will lose a lot of time waiting for it. You should do this no matter whether you are moving oversized items alone or professional movers are doing it for you.
  • Reserve the parking space – This is very important and it makes the whole task a lot easier. There is no reason why you would have to park far away from your building or a house. If you do that, the chances are higher of damaging the furniture or injuring yourself. Your residential movers NYC will also appreciate if you do this.
  • Take a babysitter for your children and ask someone to watch your dog – If you have children, make sure that they are not in the house when you are moving oversized items. The same applies to any pets because they are small and you cannot watch them at all times. In order to avoid any accidents, ask friends or family members to take care of them for the day.

Stretch first

Before you begin to move oversized items, make sure that your muscles are ready for it. Take 10 minutes and do simple stretching exercises. You will feel much better afterwards, and avoid moving injuries. Stretch correctly, and your body will be grateful to you.

A brown couch
A clear pathway is a must when you want to move oversized furniture, make sure you do not stumble upon moving boxes on your way out.

Assembling and disassembling furniture

First things first, can the furniture or other oversized items go through your front door, or even room doors? Measure each piece of furniture carefully, and then measure the doors. If some items cannot fit, check if they can be disassembled. Carefully disassemble all oversized items and piece by piece carry it out in the hallway. If you are not sure how to do this, check out the packing services before they include assembling and disassembling furniture by experienced staff.

Before moving oversized items make sure they are empty

Check the wardrobes, bed boxes, shelves and kitchen utensils for items. Remove everything from them, and move them only when they are empty. In this way, it will be easier for you to move them. However, you will also prevent the items from falling out of the furniture and becoming damaged.

Do not move an oversized item on your own

This is never good advice. No matter how easy it may seem, you should have someone next to you when you move oversized items. Otherwise, you will soon get tired and your mood will worsen.

Call your friends

There is nothing better than reliable friends that can help you. Decide on the date and time and remind them that they should come over. If you ask friends that can bail out the last minute then you should call a few extra people as well. It is better to be safe than sorry, anyway.

a kitchen and a dining table
Check if the oversized items can be disassembled so that you can move them with ease.

Hire professionals

If you do not want to risk getting moving injuries or damaging your oversized items, this is the right thing to do. Professional movers are well-trained, experienced in lifting heavy and large items. Most importantly, they will do this in a fraction of time, so it will be finished really fast. With professional movers, you will not have to worry at all. They have all the equipment, they know the techniques and they have experience which is the most important thing. They can even help you to handle furniture disposal in NYC.

Make sure you have the right equipment

Proper equipment is half the job. Go to the nearest supply store and obtain good quality packing material for oversized items.

  • Dolly – You can use a dolly when moving furniture. When moving oversized items, the best advice is to push instead of carrying them or pulling them. Place the disassembled pieces of furniture on the dolly and into the elevator.
  • Stair rollers – They can come in quite handy in a building with no elevator.
  • Moving boxes – When you disassemble oversized items, they can fit in large moving boxes. Just make sure they are sturdy enough to carry the weight.

We can agree that if you want to move oversized items, you should be prepared. Here preparation means having the right moving equipment and enough skilled people to do it. Remember that there is no reason to rush and risk the damage. The most important thing is to get those items out of your home and safely deliver them to your dream house. Good luck!

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