How to negotiate with your Brooklyn movers?

Negotiating is a skill that is well-respected in many countries. In some parts of the world, the salesman would actually be offended if you do not try to negotiate even for a bit. And while in modern times this charming part of the sales is mostly lost, there is no reason why you should not try it. There are certain ways in which you can negotiate with your Brooklyn movers and lower the price of your move. Furthermore, there are numerous ways in which you can reduce moving expenses even before you begin to negotiate. Be that as it may, residential movers NYC are here to make your move easy with a reasonable amount of money.

negotiate with your Brooklyn movers and save money in a pink piggy bank
You can negotiate with your Brooklyn movers and deduct your moving expenses

Negotiate with your Brooklyn movers to get the best deal

There are several tactics you can use to lower down the price of your move. However, sometimes your mover will not be up for negotiating. In that case, we suggest you either move on to the next mover or accept the price.

Ask for a discount due to a referral

Recommendations from your friends and family are a great way to find a reliable mover. After all, you want to be reassured that your items are in the hands of a true professional. When a friend recommends a certain moving company, because of the excellent packing services NYC, for example, ask them for a discount. Many moving companies will give you a discount if your friend brings you to them. Or, if you have already used their services and you are a returning customer. Moving companies respect their customers and are likely to give you a discount.

Check for discounts on their website or social media profiles

One of the ways to negotiate with your Brooklyn movers is to get a discount. Check online if they have some upcoming discounts and contact them. Although this is not a face to face negotiation, it is a great way to lower down the price of your move.

zoomed in calendar
Choose the month and date that are not in the peak season and enjoy the discount

Present them with the lowest bid

When you are choosing a moving company, you must have a wide variety of choices. Contact several moving companies and get the best moving quote. Not only will you be able to save money, but it will also give you space for negotiating. You can present the lowest bid to the moving company you want, and they might want to match that. Negotiate with your Brooklyn movers in this manner, after you have learned to compare the moving companies.

Choose the date most suitable for your moving company

This is only if you do not hurry with your move. When you start searching for a moving company on time, there are a few perks. You can discuss the most convenient time for the moving company and lower the prices of the move. For example, summer and spring are the peak season for moving and therefore have the most expensive prices. If you book your move in winter, you will get a lower price, and deduct your moving expenses. Furthermore, if you choose the middle of the month for moving, instead of the beginning or at the end, you will be able to negotiate with your Brooklyn movers.

Check for the additional fees

Additional fees are charged for many things. For example, if you live on the third floor and there is no elevator in the building. Or, if there is no parking space available for the moving van in front of your house. They might charge you extra for this, but you can negotiate. Find out exactly what additional fees there will be and check if there is anything you can do to lower them.

clothes in a shop seen through a window
Have a great yard sale and get rid of all the items that you do not need, and earn some money

How to lower your moving costs?

There are also plenty of techniques to lower your moving costs on your own. Why should you pay extra for something that you can do on your own?

  • Reduce the weight of the items – The fewer items you have, the lower the cost of the shipping will be. Go through your belongings and get rid of the things you will not need in your new house. Be ruthless, leave only the things that you love and need. We are overly attached to items that we have, but the truth is they will just increase your final moving bill. Hold a yard sale and earn some money.
  • Obtain packing material – You do not need to use brand new packing supplies. Obtain the moving boxes from your local grocery store. Use linen and towels instead of moving blankets and packing paper. Borrow packing material from a friend who has recently moved. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of money.
  • Use only the services you absolutely need – You do not have to use the full-service package when moving. Instead, pack and unpack on your own, and use the shipping service only. Set aside enough time and call friends and family members to help you instead of paying for it, if possible.

Moving is always stressful, especially if you have a lot of items and you are moving far away. The moving expenses can get pretty high. That is unless you use some of the techniques to lower your moving costs when you negotiate with your Brooklyn movers. Remember, you have options and you have the skills for this, just try it. Would it not be great to reduce the price of your move by negotiating with reliable movers? Just bear in mind that it is most important to get your items safely to the desired destination than it is to spend less money on movers. Good luck!

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