How to overcome the fear of moving house

When you have lived somewhere your entire life, the idea of moving house can cause great fear. Thought by thought, you imagine all the worst-case scenarios that could possibly happen. And this is not easy. In fact, there is a good reason why moving is one of the most stressful events in one`s life. The moving companies, thieves, unprofessional real estate agents, traffic accidents, the fear of the unknown, and the list can go on and on. However, it is possible and it is necessary to overcome the fear of moving house because everything becomes so much easier afterward. And what is there to be afraid of when there are the perfect Jersey City movers watching your back?

overcome the fear of moving house - a checklist and a marker
Overcome the fear of moving house by making a checklist and rationalizing your fear.

Start on time

Procrastination will not help you overcome the fear of moving house, that is for sure. As soon as you get that new job in another city, or make a plan to move, start working on it. The best way to fight fear is by organizing and predicting possible issues. Remember, that the fear is only in our head and we can fight it with rational thoughts and actions. So, dedicate time to organize the move, plan it thoroughly. Make the ultimate pre-move checklist and focus entirely on the move. Do not create scenarios in your head about what can go wrong. It is one thing to be prepared and another to keep repeating it in your head.

Talk to someone who has recently moved in order to overcome the fear of moving house

We all sometimes have irrational thoughts that we cannot stop thinking. There is too much of the unknown in front of us. When moving, stepping out of the comfort zone is the hardest thing to do. The routines, familiar faces, and places seem to vanish, and there are so many things to be done, that we are simply afraid of how we are going to handle it. It is helpful to know that thousands of people do the exact same thing every single day. So, if you have a friend or an acquaintance that has recently moved, talk to them. Invite them over for a cup of coffee and talk about your biggest fears. Ask that person how they managed to overcome the fear of moving house. Do not be afraid to talk about unpleasant events that have happened, because you have the strength to deal with it.

Try out the relaxation methods

Many experts say that you can overcome the fear of moving house by simply ignoring it for some time. Although it may seem really hard not to think about moving all day long when all you can think of is how to choose the best moving company, for example, it is possible. Do you dare not to be immersed in your fear 24/7? Entertain your mind with other, more pleasant things.

a laptop and a candle
Divert your thoughts by watching a comedy movie and your fear will seem less significant
  • Watch a comedy movie – It is best if you can find some good comedy movie that you have already watched. It will calm you down, and relax your mind. You will forget about your fear for two hours, and as a consequence, your fear will seem smaller and less significant afterward.
  • Spend time in nature – Clear your head of all the fears that you have by going to a park and just walking, or sitting on a bench. When we are standing face to face with nature, we realize that you can overcome everything and that moving is just one part of life that will be over soon anyway.
  • Maintain your social life – As we already mentioned it is good to talk to people who have moved in the past, but it is also important to talk to your friends who are not moving. Knowing that you have people around you who care for you is really uplifting and you can fight any fear.

Hire the best moving agency

A reliable moving company can help you overcome the fear of moving house, and this is what moving companies NYC are familiar with. A professional approach, problem-solving skills, experienced staff, and a positive atmosphere will burst your fear down as if it was nothing, to begin with. Knowing that you have taken care of moving your items to a new house is a huge relief. It will make your move easier, and it will help you focus on other more important things, such as adjusting to new surroundings.

four people`s hands greeting
Do not forget about your social life, hanging out with friends is a major step in overcoming the fear of moving house.

Make plans for your new life

Some would say that what is the opposite of fear is bravery, but I would say that what is the opposite of fear is peace in your mind. When we are afraid, our whole body is trembling, we do not act as we would want to, our mind is blocked. But, when we are not afraid, our body is relaxed and our mind is at peace. One way to reach this peace is to think of the best things that await for you in the future, instead of the worst ones. Think of the ways in which you will decorate your home. Think about all the people that you will meet. Google the places that you will visit. Use your imagination to picture your new, happy life. And, yet, this can be called bravery as well. Be brave enough to imagine and live the life that you deserve.

Do not forget to use the steps above in order to overcome the fear of moving house. It is not easy, it is not pleasant to feel fear, but know that you can do it. Accidents can happen and if they do, you will resolve them. You will find new friends, a job that you love, and everything will be much better than you thought it would be. So, in the meantime, you can enjoy yourself instead of being worried sick all day long. The worst things happen only in our heads, so do not let it be like that. Good luck!

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